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  1. We kept 150 today ! Finally doing perch trips(some great clients have been waiting patiently for these tasty critters) Mi waters straight out from Sterling 24 FOW
  2. Entering so late and all. I need all the votes I can get (you can vote once a day);) I hope no one notices that I put the same clip in twice of me handing off the rigger rod:o:o I will just call it artistic(even though I have more good footage that I wanted to get in there) Thanks again to all that sign up and vote I appreciate it more than you know. This pretty much my first video and I have allready learned a ton. I can't wait to do some more.:thumb:
  3. Can someone else let me know if it works. It goes right to it for me. My computer skills really show sometimes:lol:
  4. Please check out my video http://mercfilms.com/contests/showentry/834761 Then please sign up and vote for it. This video is taken and edited by me (rookie) but I feel it is good. Thanks to all who vote and comment. I appreciate it and you could win a trip to Alaska:thumb:
  5. I have been fishing Wheatley about once a week......the fishing is unreel:grin: The lastest we have gotten off the water with our limit is 3 o;clock. I have been running a six rod spread two lead (different lengths) 2 riggers,2 dipsies on braid.Any questions you have just ask. I love to help people out and share my program.
  6. Sorry but I can only tell you how they got in my cooler. Downriggers:grin:
  7. Well the boys wanted to go to Canada again! We fished from 8 till 2.Landed 13 rainbows,2 chinooks,7 pickeral (for those of you that are from the south that is 13 steelhead,2 kings ,and 7 walleye) We fished 120 ish degrees out in 60 to 62 fow. Dipsies 85-100 out on #3(90 was best) , riggers from 25 to 45 feet down with long leads (40 -75 feet back).Lead was just catching walleye and sheep (we tried 2,5,7,10 color) This fishery is unreal ! Nobody around and awsome fishing.
  8. Wheatley is still on fire:thumb: We had to work for the steel today:no: Went 17 for about 20 with 6 walters and quite a few sheepies thrown in. 65 fow. Dipseys,lead and riggers.No real program everything worked OK
  9. We went out Sun before we left for perch. OMG I cannot believe the perch fishing over there! One of our guys was useing trident and catching them. We kept everything over 8 inches (mostly over 8.5) up to 14 inches and had 150 between 8-noon. 8-10 FOW 5 mi west of Erieau.What an AWSOME fishery!!!!:thumb::thumb:
  10. Fished our walleye club tourny. Dwf vs Lake St.Claire walleye fed. Downriver Walleye Federation swept it up! We took third with 35 lbs. We actually fished allmost in wheatley by the rig in 62 FOW. Absolutly crushed the steelhead. We were 15 for who knows by 11:45.Dipseies 85 back on 3,7 color with green dolphin silver streak.Riggers down 35-40 were best for us. What a BLAST:thumb:
  11. We sorta fished the Dreamweaver. Woke up and down to the water at 4:30...saw the lightning and the rain started so we went to take a nap.Woke up this time and saw the rain cleared back out at 8;30 am. We caught fish in 100fow on fri so we set up in 105 and trolled in. We marked nothing till 75 fow and trolled around in the 75 to 65 area north in front of the hills till 11:30 with no hits.Caught an 18" shaker on a rigger when we were clearing lines. After the weigh in(I mean raffle cuz we didn't weigh) we got stuff together and headed out at about 5 pm.Went to 55 fow and headed North.Got 3 lines set and had one screaming.rigger on the bottom with the mod lemon ice superslim from the dreamweaver package.Picked up a 7 pound brown on the other rigger shortly after 45 down on a Sister Sludge Warrior flutter.Circled out and got some hits on the small spoons (super slims and warriors, caramel dolphin and mean green were best),green fishcatcher/green crinkle fly on dipsey on 3 at 150 went a couple times.Riggers down 45-60 with 35 to 50 ft leads. As darkness closed we were getting hits on the regular size spoons super glow froggy Warrior and wonderbread stinger stingray. We ended up with 7 and lost /missed quite a few(lost count) Best speed for us was definately 2.7 sog
  12. If it is nice ,I will run zig zags and find some fish before I start.If it is lumpy I run a long search pass to find them. You can waste a ton of time trolling to find them.
  13. I recommend some 5200 underneath the tracks. If 5200 won't hold it nothing will
  14. The spinner bite is going great ! Finally:grin: Nice to get some triples today. Super glowperch seemed best. 1/4 oz,1/2oz,1oz,2oz inlines and bottombouncers all worked. .8 - 1 mph seemed best. Will report and post pics later as I will be fishing the rest of the weekend
  15. http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1316.jpg"]http:// I also taught them how to catch some walters:thumb: It was tough but we got him to jig,hook ,and land his very first walleye. Did I mention that I love it?
  16. anytime that you are running more than two boards a side in more than two footers,trees are critical. They keep the boards from jumping over the other line.
  17. http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1314.jpg"]http:// Brady caught this bigmouth buffalo. It was over 25 lbs on my berkley scale(which is pretty close on calibation,as I have weighed fish on it and then got them weighed on a calibrated scale).Captain Matt had never seen one. We weighed it threw it back,came home,found out what it was,looked at the master angler size and it was definately a Master angler and quite possibly a state record fish ( the record is 24lb 12 oz)
  18. Nothing like a big king crushing an outriiger
  19. I have not put together the serious numbers this year. But I think that I would rather catch fewer but larger fish. We have been catching Big walleye allmost every trip.Unheard of for this late in the season.
  20. Four of us did a 4 hour afternoon trip and landed 5 nice fish.Two of them were really nice at 27". All in Wyandotte on Lance Valentine thump worms in the june gum color or a brown worm with a pink 3/4 ounce jig.
  21. Not a ton of snagged fish. Most fish come on my stinger hooks though.Maybe one out of ten gets caught "looking at it"
  22. Well the water stayed clear but the fish slowed back down. Me and two others ended up with 5 for the day and lost one nice one at the boat. This one is my second master angler fish this year at 30" catch and release:thumb: At least jigging I get to reel a few in:grin: The fourth master anler fish for the boat this year. All of todays fish on Wyandotte worms in Wyandotte again.Black worm /yellow head.Water clarity is 15 inches.
  23. If that is a tough day. I can't wait to see a good day:grin:
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