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  1. http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1300.jpg"]http://
  2. We fished a super super long day today from 7;45 am to 6:30 pm. It was an absolute riot with the three J's ...Jason,Jeff and Joe.We landed 19 walters.Nothing big but action was fairly steady. All fish were caught in Wyandotte area (mud island) on 3/4 ounce jigs and you guesses it Wyandotte worms(you know these things work good if they named a city after them:grin:) Water was perfect color when I left and very fishable
  3. Well after hearing of everyone catching 20-30 yesterday we were excited to get down there this morning. My co anglers kid couldn't make it at the last minute so it was just the two of us for one on one jigging lessons.It was tough to say the least:( After 4 hours we had 0 but was teaching a good lesson. I finally pulled a dink then Tony picked up a 4 lber. It was windy on and off all day,the river is pretty darn muddy. We finally made our way to a different spot and first pass I stuck this one on the next pass Tony pulled a 5.5. Four fish for the day but I forgot my camera so this one has to go on my wall 32" 11.9 pounds on a certified scale:grin: All on yellow or green jigs and camo or brown worms.
  4. We fished hard today.Only to land 4 and lose three. The river is churned up pretty good but you can pick some up jigging.Hopefully the water clarity improves somewhere around here.Wyandotte worms in black or 4 inch gulp minnow.
  5. 350' copper 2 full cores 2 7 colors 2) 5 colors 2)5 colors 2)3 colors 1) 2 color 2)14 lb downrigger rods 1)30 lb downrigger rod 4) braid dipseys probably a couple more I am forgetting,the walleye stuffs a lot simpler to remember as I am using and working with it on a daly basis right now,and I only use one leadcore rod for that
  6. I really get a kick out of people telling me "thats the biggest one I ever caught" or "I have never caught that many in a week,let alone a day". I absolutely love teaching people how to catch more fish,I teach how to go about your entire day from looking at charts,talking to baitshops,using electronics,and running lines or jigging techniques. I love meeting and spending time with new people,hearing their stories about their lives.Mostly it is the easiest way for me to make people smile and enjoy their life:grin:
  7. You are on the right track. I am 37 and I STILL have friends that are out patying all night. They all say that I am lucky or stupid to fish for a living. Truth is I am addicted:thumb: I am blessed for sure. I also work a ton of hours. I gave up partying,smoking and doing other thing I best not say so that I could save up and become a captain. I will never regret it ! But the 15-20 people that I graduated with that have died from partying (yes really) will! Keep on the right track !
  8. I do definately LOVE my job ! But it takes a lot of commitment,time,and long hours.
  9. I have been fishing hard. Doing a ton of looking around . We have been landing lots of large walleye in the lake ahttp://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1259.jpg"]http://MG]http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1265.jpg"]http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1264.jpg"]http://nd river.There are a ton of 8 lbers around .Now is the best time to try for one over ten:thumb: Trolling crankbaits in the lake in 14-18 FOW has been best. Of course jigging has been best in the mighty D .http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1268.jpg"]http://
  10. http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1252.jpg"]http://http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1249.jpg"]http://http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1246.jpg"][url="http://"]http:// Took out an awsome Father/son team that had never fished the big lake. They learned a ton and went 4/5 with a 28.5" ,28",and a couple of 5 pounders.Just a wee bit short of master angler for catch and release.
  11. That fish is swimming freely to release all those eggs that she had in her.I will print a nice 8 x 10 picture for Terry to frame. I actually found a picture on my camera that I like better ( it was late when I posted last night)http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp160/mattsell0357/100_1235.jpg"]http://
  12. Terry had the Hotbite today ! Landing one just under 11.5 and also one over 7.5 pounds. He also lost two board sinkers:mad: My Dad only had one on on his side and he lost it:lol: Me....I am just glad to be trolling again:grin:
  13. A lot of people fish off of the Bolles harbor pier also. I never see them catching much but they must sometimes. Wish I was more help.
  14. The coho biting and the Lake Erie mud has really got me wanting to hook the boat up and hit Lake M.
  15. Big Fat Laker......thats awsome:thumb:
  16. I havn't tried in quite some time. This is because I have taken the philosophy of using what works. I have only caught a couple fish on a contraption like that. One was a brown.
  17. I have bags from Big Papa and Amish outfitters.Both are awsome people and awsome bags.You can't go wrong with these guys.I run one bag off each side ,tied on the front cleat with the dump rope tied to one of my rear rodholders.Very easy to just throw them over.(once hooked up we just pull them in and flop them over the gunnel between passes). I predominately walleye fish so I need a few different sizes of bags.
  18. Thursday nights at 6 pm. Rivers of living Waters Church at 14400 Beech Daly Rd, Taylor Mi. Next weeks seminar is on fishing rivers (which i do thoroughly enjoy:thumb:) This one is FREE and done by Captain Paul Doute. The chairs are nice and cushy too.
  19. Lance and the Walleye101 program are set up very nicely to teach people how to catch more fish. The first time I met him he taught me something and I figured if he could teach ME something he could teach anyone:grin:I am glad you went.
  20. This is the best site around! None of the negativity like some other sites...messes up my zen;)
  21. I have a merc pro kicker. It is very cold blooded takes a few times to start.I warm it up when i warm the big motor up while launching.After that it works great.I have had to clean one of the plugs one time fouled out(I tend to run it really low walleye fishing when I should put out bags and run it at higher rpms)I have had a bunch of people ask me how mine runs saying that theres are trouble though.I don't know what help this is .Just my experience. I believe honda makes a high thrust kicker too(how can you go wrong with a honda) Again I am happy with my merc and it was expensive so it has to perform very nicely to make me happy.Hope this helps some.
  22. I think I just put my uv light back in the boat! Thanks for the tip!!!!!!I am going in the basement to test some beads now..Hot fun on a Saturday night:cool: I know it is pretty sad really
  23. I fish the Detroit river a ton. this can be brutal on batteries.I use wet cell lead acid batteries. Deka or East penn whatever my battery guru has for me when I need them. I do have an optima for my starting battery. The only reason is thats what he gave me to use. I am the fishing Guru and He is the battery Guru so........I use the batteries that he tells me too and he goes fishing where i tell him too (actually I just take him)
  24. At the Novi show. Me fishing buddy and I both went.Of course the economy was good back then. We each got a big jon inline planer board,a flasher,couple spoons,some flourocarbon leader.It was when the superslims just came out, we each got a caramel dolphin slim (these have been hot for both of us) They went through the same programs that were printed in GLA magazine then would give anyone with a question a lure. I find it really hard to pick up anything when it is question and answer. There is just no direction.They also lied to me about one of there sponsors products that I had a question about. So last year actually made me It was well worth it for the lure package back then ( idk what it is like now). I am leaving all negative stuff go (cept the lying cuz thats bull)
  25. When I first started running superglow spoons we would start really early,troll around four an hour and a half, get a bunch of hits, charge up our lures with a blacklight and reset them, wait another hour and a half or two hours and pick up a couple more. This made us practically miss primetime. I finally figured it out. Now I wont even bring the UV light. I just wave them in front of my spotlight. I do much better on superglow spoons now. If it is light out I just wave them in the air real quick.
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