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  1. Location:Livonia Mi (west Detroit suburb) age :37 Years I have been fishing the big Lakes since being a kid. I have just learned the Detroit river as I have only been fishing that for 10 years or so : 30 trolling for walleye and salmon Waters fished: mostly Detroit River and Lake Erie but nothin beats a sunrise on Michigan with a double! Boat:19 ft Smokercraft w/ 135 Opti,pro kicker,soon a Terrova I pilot,23 rod holders,with a blood hound nose on it to find fish I have spent a ton of time on the water since the late '90s, I fished on a 26 ft sea ray with big boards and a full 12 rod spread for walleyes every weekend for 6 years out of Luna pier Mi. While doing this,during the week I would take my small boat out to learn the Mighty Detroit River. I really figured out that I was not as good as I could be when I saw the Detroit River Pwt weigh in (they all had huge fish). So I spent a ton of time reading InFisherman books (walleye wisdom and some critical concepts), fishing every method in all the books, and learning from the Captains at Luna Pier. At this point I was pretty good;) I still was lacking something and was stalled out in my learning. Thats when I met Lance Valentine and his walleye 101 program. This program did for me what was not going to happen with out it. It organized all that info I allready had. A couple years later and I was keeping up with all the tourney guys. I fished a couple of small tourneys and I found out that I don't like it. I hate having to leave a hot bite when I am catching fish and know they are not gonna win. Everyone allways asked me"what do I have to do to get on your boat?" So I spent the last two years taking girls and new people out to practice teaching them to fish.Then I got my Captains License. I am helplessly addicted to fishing! I allways want to spend more time on the water and I believe that I can teach most anyone at least a couple things that will help them catch more fish ( most I could teach a ton). I love teaching people how to fish!!!
  2. My other favorite (even though I lost my best one I had for 7 years:mad:) is a magnum stinger wonderbread superglow. This spoon works in the dark,mid day,on kings,steel,or lakers. If the Blue D is not working this usually is.
  3. That is good to know. I always wondered why I got so happy eating up some walleye!
  4. All seminars go from 6-9pm Freeway Sports Fenton 1/24 , Gander mnt Novi 1/26 , KD outdoors Waterford 2/8 ,Gander mnt Lansing 2/23 ,Gander Saginaw 1/24 , gander mnt Shelbt twnsp 1/24, Gander Taylor 1/27, Gander Toledo 2/21. I really hope I got all these right. Please check Walleye 101 website to double check and see any I missed. These are very informative seminars and best of all FREE! I will be attending all the Novi ones and as many Taylor seminars as possible.
  5. Looks like only 6.19 percent need to start golfing:)
  6. I have been working on my website and going through ALL my pictures.So I figured someone else wanted to dream about summer along with me:)
  7. If you start looking at Manistee ,Ludington,and Frankfort. These sharp dropoffs are key areas that hold baitfish, predator fish, and fisherman too. In St Joseph I have an area where it drops off considerably faster than the rest of the area (it is really not a drop off just drops quicker than most the rest of the area). Thats about a three mile circle area that usually has fish. I dont know if that has to do with current though. The best idea is to write down which areas hold fish in which wind direction. Log books suck (especially when you get a triple) but IMHO are worth every bit of trouble. P.s. I must be a sheep too cuz I read that, Great lakes trout and salmon trolling,all five critical concepts walleye books,and a couple others EVERY winter. The key is to try different things and figure out what works in YOUR program.
  8. I will. I havn't fished Ludington in years. I should probably test my skills there again.
  9. Hi! My name is Matt Sell. I will be fishing on the Detroit river and Lake Erie. Mostly Michigan waters but, also Canadian and Ohio sometimes. I will be concentrating on walleye, with Wheatly steelhead and perch fishing when it is hot. Lake Michigan salmon fishing when I can.
  10. Hi! My name is Matt Sell. I will be fishing the Detroit river and Lake Erie. Hotbite fishing charters. This will be my first year guiding. My lifelong dream!
  11. overshot the perch this morning and went to the Sputnick,mostly dinks out there.Came back in to river raisin and picked away till we ran out of minnows(we were even cutting them in half,thirds and quarters)ended with 75 over 7 and a half.Pretty tough to fillet but very delicous.
  12. Everyone seems very nice and appreciative.I have quit posting on other sights.Why would I waste my time to get bashed.Sometimes I may leave out selected info ,but all info I report will be true.Again thanks for making me feel that I helped others out,and you are certainly welcome:thumb:
  13. We finally got out of Franfort last night.Boy was it worth it.Fished by the point along the drop from 125 to 150.The traffic started to clear when the lights went out.Mayhem soon commenced!Tripples and doubles for about two hours straight.First and last fish were our only singles.Ended up 11 for ?.Rigs that were good included blue and green splatterback ace high on 275 copper and DR at 80(20 ft lead),mag wonderbread glow stinger on DR at 78(until our ten year old fish reeler got beat by a king and a downrigger cable and lost my favorite spoon),Green froggy Fishlander at 75.Also very steady producers were green fishcatcher/green or aqua fly at 150 on mag Walker dipsey on 2 setting.I could not buy a hit on a blue bubble spinny(shocking).We were cruising along at a mear 1.8 to 2 mph GPS on both North and South trolls.
  14. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask.I am headed for Muskegon and wanted to have at least a general idea of where the nets are.Are there any straight out?Thanks
  15. I was thinking 7 foot rods(thats what i have).I want to run my power pros as high divers on tens.Should I be running both ten foot rods?Then just stagger the dipsey settings?
  16. I am converting my wire dipsey to a shorter rod so I can run a wire and braid on the same side.So now my long rod has a twilli on it.So the question is will this mess up my powerpro?
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