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  1. The last few years for j-plugs I have tied on short length of 50# mono directly to the bead chain with a loop on the other end for attaching my snap swivel. This hopefully prevents the fish from chewing through the 20 or 30 # mono I have spooled on my reels.
  2. I'll be out. Will anyone be at the captains meeting tonight?
  3. You could check out a chapter of the Michigan Steelheaders. I am a member of the Grand Rapids Chapter. This is where I learned alot when I first started salmon fishing. We put on small fishing contests through out the year. Goto http://www.michigansteelheaders.org/ than click on the Grand Rapids Chapter link to learn more about us or any other chapter you may be interested in.
  4. Rockford MI, is now represented.
  5. Mike, The weather will decide for me when my boat goes in. I have to paint the bottom and give it a good cleaning. Should be the first part of May.
  6. Just found this sight. Just saying high. I already recognize alot of user names from other sites I visit.
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