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  1. I usually only fish in the evenings....I was out last weekend and was doing good in 110 to 130 FOW....If I were going out tomorrow, I would set up in 100 FOW and go on a SW troll out to around 170-190 and turn back on a SE troll in..I would then go in to 110 FOW and then back out on a SW. I would do this until an hour before sunset and try to plan on hitting the 130 mark (or new hot spot) right at sunset, and then troll in until about 45 minutes after sunset. If the fish have moved deeper, just move your numbers accordingly. I usually start running glow program 1/2 hour before sunset.
  2. Set out south of the pier and setup on a sw troll in 100 fow at 4pm. Trolled all night in circles, straight lines and curves from 100 fow to 140 fow to 70 fow with no avail....then the sun hit the water.....went 3 for "some number to big to mention". With just my wife and I on board we had 2 doubles and 1 triple in what seemed like a short period of time. They got all tangled in a 300 copper and downrigger lines. Lost some gear but gained some memories! The fish we hit were in 85 to 100 fow 60 to 80' down on anything that glowed.
  3. fisf crazy...was that you I was talking to on the end of the north pier around 8am? Your son and a buddy were with you. Doug
  4. What a beautiful night on the water. Took my Mom out for her birthday. We set up in 95 fow south of GH on a SW troll. Made it to 120 fow before we boxed our first king on a 200 copper with mixed veggies. We continued out to 140 fow and then turned back SE when we hit a double in 115 fow on a 300 copper and a 100 copper. Marked a huge ball of bait in 115 fow when I was letting out an 8 color...I stopped the spool, then let some out, and then stopped it when BAM another king on. After that it was a flurry of hits on the riggers and copper. I kinda lost track but I think we went 5 for 10 or 12. One king was 20# with the others being 18, 12 10 and 8. On a side note we broke one off on a 12 color core and lost our planer board. Hopefully someone will call my number that is on it.
  5. Took an opportunity to take out my kids and father in law......It was not to bad when we started at 6am, but it got bumpy later on. Ended the morning at 8:30 with 2 for 4. We fished from 115 fow to 170 fow with the 125 to 140 fow producing the best. Moonshine blue flounder and happy meal took all the hits at 45 to 52 down on the rigger. It was the first real test for the new autopilot....I guesse I consider it a success because it can steer better than my 9 year old:thumb: Hopefully my wife will not be on call one of these weekends so we can have the "real test" for the autopilot:grin:
  6. Took the kids and grandparents out of Grand Haven this morning and went 7 for 8. Best water was 90-110 fow for the first couple of hours. Later in the morning 150-165 fow was producing fish. Big fish was 18 lbs with the others between 5lbs and 12 lbs. This is what worked for us; 300 copper with a homemade spoon named by my kids “lucky purpleâ€â€¦this one took the two largest fish of 18 lbs and 12 lbs 10 color core took 3 fish…multiple spoon colors Riggers 50’ down took 2 fish on lemon ice Lost a steelhead on 3 color core with mixed veggies
  7. I don't believe it is....hydraulic steering was an option on that year of sundancer. I honestly have not looked at it yet. Its in winter storage at grand haven and northshore marina looked at it and quoted me the setup stated above.
  8. I have researching some of the posts on here about autopilots. I have a sundancer 270 that I was thinking of putting an autopilot on. I recieved a quote from north shore marina in grand haven to install the raymarine x10 corepack along with the st6002 control head and an octopus drive. I have never heard of the octopus drive. Does anybody have any experience good or bad with this?? If I upgraded to the 7000 series head control I would have the ability to do different fishing patterns. The different fishing patterns sound gimmicky to me.....but maybe I have been really lazy when I steer and they ARE worthwhile. Thanks in advance Doug
  9. Took the wife and kids out for a sunday afternoon cruise from 5 to 7pm. Went 3-3 with 2 steelhead and 1 Laker (released). We fished from 175 fow to 250 fow. Took our first hit in 197 fow 60' down on a rigger (double orange crush). Second hit was 225 fow on a 10 color core (lucky purple....kids named it, I dont know what it is). Last hit was on a 300 copper with another orange/red spoon. What a beautiful night on the water.
  10. thanks dog.....I read post and after watching winds, weather and webcams intently for the last 2 weeks I thought "aaawww crap I missed it AGAIN!!!!!" whoa....that was a close one!!
  11. Took another boat load of employees out this afternoon. Started in the mouth of the grand to do a little combat fishing to get the juices goin'. Made a couple of passes to no avail, so we packed up and went deeper. Set lines in 170 fow at 5 pm and trolled sw to 240 fow then turned and trolled all the way back to pier heads. Went 2 for 2 with both fish coming on a 300 copper mixed veggies in 220 fow and 130 fow. Fish are still scattered all over. Nice night on the lake.
  12. Took the wife and kids out this morning for our first a.m. trip of the year. We got lines set and 5:45 and took our first fish, a laker in 100 fow 90' down on an area 51. Next fish, a 10 lb king came in 105 fow 50' down on a lemon ice. Radio chatter sounded slow all over. I was pleased with our catch since usually I do more fishin' than catchin'
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