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  1. This time of year the lake can be really cloudy. Here is a link that can give you an idea of where the clear water is. This image shows exactly where your cloudy water started http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.cgi/modis?region=m&page=1&template=subℑ=t1.12312.1627.LakeMichigan.143.250m.jpg
  2. Fishing solo is hard enough without trying to do it a the pier heads. You are going to cause problems and it's just not worth it. Combat fishing is hard enough with a good crew, by yourself it's just too tight and can't be that much fun. Fishing should be fun right!
  3. Fished last night from 6 - 9 PM ended 6 for 8. Fish were taken from 95-135 FOW with best being about 120. Fish came both on south and north troll down between 85-110 feet down. Temp break was around 95 feet down. 5 kings and one coho. fish came on j-plugs, moonshine dancing anchoive, double trouble.
  4. Fish last night from 7-8:30 PM. ended up 2 for 2. set lines in 80 and headed west, a little bumpy 2-3 footers. Turned at 185 feet and had first hit at 150 down on rigger on moonshine dancing anchive. Turned to had back and at about 170 FOW I hit another king down 120 on rigger with big white paddle with green fly going east. That was it for the night. Marked a lot of bait between 150 and 140. Hit 52 degrees at 150 down on my probe rigger. Never seen that much stacked up warm water. It was still 70 degree at 130 feet down.
  5. Fishing Sunday afternoon for about 4 hours, ended up 2 for 3. Ended with a nice steelhead and a coho. The one that got off close to the net was also a steelhead. Fished from 70 - 150 with 120-150 being the best. Water was very cold on the surface (45 -48 degrees). All 3 hits came on 1/2 core on a spoon with blue tape and a white nbk glow strip on it. Nothing on riggers or dipsys. Didn't mark hardly anything either.
  6. Fished 6:30 - 10:30 out of Whitehall solo. Ended up 3 for 5. 2 kings around 8-10 pounds and 1 coho. Fish came mostly in 70-90 FOW with 80 being about the best. Came down on riggers 60 feet and one on 300 copper. Dreamweaver Dead Weight took 4 hits and 1 on double trouble. North South troll we best. Strong east wind kind of sucked, but not too bad. Nice to be back the home port.
  7. Oh Man, my home port, I'll be there next weekend and hope the fish are still there. Fishing Holland this weekend in the Steelheaders, otherwise I would be in Whitehall. Can't wait to get the boat back on the lift and fishing out of Whitehall!
  8. Fished this morning out of Port Sheldon going 7 for 8. Setup in 130 FOW, took first fish at about 150 FOW. Ended up catching the fish between 150-165 on both east and west troll. Hits came on riggers down 60-70 and wire divers down about same depth. Flasher fly took most hits, purple spoon took a couple, Moonshine blue flounder took one. Surface water was 45 degrees same as down temp. Pretty flat water and very foggy. Fished from 7-10:30 AM
  9. Hey Dave, looking forward to the summer and chatting with you. Hey you might want to check out the Muskegon salmon tourny this summer. It's a tri-port tournament, out of Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Whitehall. 2 - day and only $175 for the tourny. I will be in and fishing out of Whitehall. Could be a great time and doesn't break the bank?
  10. It was great fishing with you Rob Bradley. Your a great fisherman and would fish with you anytime. We will get other there again this summer for sure...
  11. Fished this morning from 8AM - 1PM and ended up 12 for about 15 (throwing 3 little ones back). We fished mostly in 150-190. Hits coming down 80-100 down on riggers, wire divers, and 300 feet copper. Had hits on just about everything. All fish were coho's with one nice 10 pound king. Great day on the water. Surface was about 41 degrees same as down temp. Best depth was about 160-180.
  12. great job Scott! Guys like you make this world a better place to live. If you ever need help out there you can count on me to come and get you. Hope you don't have to test that next week at the brown blast (lol). Looking forward to chatting with you next weekend and good luck.
  13. Great afternoon on the water. ended up 11 for 11 throwing one back. 9 coho and 2 kings. 1 king was 16 pounds and the other about 8. the coho were about 2-3 pounds. Almost all fish taken between 183 - 195 FOW down 80-107 feet. One rigger at 107 feet went 8 times on big white paddle and fly. We we done in less than 2 hours
  14. I bought mine from uni-arch and it's working great. Comes in 3 pieces, very adjustable for almost any boat. No regrets and good price
  15. Tim, Great swap meet again. Bigger space was a real bonus. Lots of great deals as always. Thanks
  16. Go to the local hardware and buy some basic pipe insulation. It's real cheap. You cut it into 2-3 inch pieces, then pull the fly through the middle and then wrap the line around the outiside and fasten with the hook to keep it from unrolling. Works great
  17. westwind

    Salmon Jerky

    I take the salmon in cut it up into narrow long slices about the width of my finger or smaller, then I brine in a freezer bag for 24 hours. (Brine is just, kosher salt, brown sugar and soy sauce, and a little hot sauce). After the brine, I place on racks for the smoker and sprinkle some hot seasoning on the fish or what ever you like. Then smoke for about 1-2 hours with apple, alder, or cherry wood. ( I have a luhr jenson big chief) this smoker only goes to about 180 degrees, so the cooking time takes a long time. After smoking for 1-2 hours, I just let it keep cooking for another 10 hours until the fish has almost dried out. People love it and makes a great snack.
  18. By far the most requested salmon I make. Cut up salmon into small 1 inch pieces and then shake them up in a bag with Drakes seasoning until coated good. I will usually put some italian dressing on the fish before shaking in the bag with Drakes to add some flavor and helps the Drakes stick. Deep fry for about 5 minutes and serve. People who say they don't like fish will love this. Make sure the cooking oil is very hot, should old take about 5 minutes per batch.
  19. Spoons : Moonshine double trouble, mongolian beef, bloodly nose dalmation, DW, Modified carmel and blue dolphin (all in mag sizes) Big 11 inch white paddle with scales uv and a homosayswhat fly
  20. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any docks still in at the port sheldon or Holland boat launches?
  21. I was thinking they should change the law and allow running an unlimited number of rods on the boat as long as everyone on the boat has a fishing license. I can see reasons for limiting the number to 3 per person if there are people on the boat without a license, but if everyone has a license then allow unlimited number of rods. What harm is there in that? There is still the limit on the number of fish allowed to be taken. Thoughts?
  22. Nice catch, I thought lakers are out of season after Sept 30th? Doesn't Laker season go from May 1 - Sept 30th?
  23. I have a 2002 mercury 9.9 4-stroke kicker motor on my boat. This boat is new to me this year and I'm not sure how many hours this motor has on it. I was wondering how long these motors last. What are signs that the motor is in need of rebuild, things to look for etc. The whole outboard motor thing is new to me this year, so any help would be appreciated.
  24. Fished Whitehall this morning from 6-11 and ended up 4 for 6. Fished from 80 FOW out to 145 with the best being about 120. Fished slightly north. Nothing until after 8:00 AM. hits came on rigger 45 down, white paddle and white fly and also meat rig. 2 hits on mod carmal dolphin on 7 color. seemed slow for most boats. Not sure why we couldn't buy a hit early? Surface temp was about 64 and 45 degrees down 40 feet. Out all weekend, hope to do better. Fish caught were 2 kings about 10 pounds, 1 steelie about 7 pounds and 1 small coho.
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