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  1. Doe's anybody have recent report for frankfort ??? Going next weekend, could use some help. Thank you, and good fishing to all !!!
  2. what does wenesday look like for you ??

  3. If it's not too much trouble, I would appreciate that scott !!!! They are worth a thousand word's. by chance do you remember cost ?? uni-arch is about $700 plus extra's.
  4. Thank you very much for info!! I have a buddy that know's bob, will give it a try !!!
  5. I am looking to add an arch to my boat. Mostley for rod storage. I am looking at one called uni-arch made by fish on sport's from interlochen mi. Just wondering if anybody has one or has any information on performance of this ????? Don't have money to have one maid, any help or suggestion's will be appreciated !!!!! Thank you very much, come on spring!!!!!!
  6. I can't speek for everybody, but I prefer big water tackle meat rigg's. Have had good luck with them in my program. I believe that they use ryhs davis head's. As far as color's, depend's on the day for me. Usualy green's (froggy), red's (big red), purple (purple haze) have been good to me.
  7. I also was told that they were not going to sell green anymore, but could have gotten bad info ????
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