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  1. Fished from 6-9 PM and got the skunk again. 2 trips 2 skunks, things are not looking good in Whitehall, just saying. The radio sounded the same for the other boats. I heard a report from the morning that out of 6 boats going out in the morning only 2 fish were caught and these are decent fisherman. I sure hope this improve soon...
  2. Fished from 4:30 until about 7:30 and went 1 for 4. All hits came early and then nothing after 6:00. Fished 90 - 125 with 120 being about the best. The first 3 were decent fish, but they all popped off after a couple of minutes of fighting? not sure why. 3 hits came on Purple magic stinger spoon. I fished a little south of Holland. First trip of the year for my boat and latest ever start. Spending too much time working... The shake down ride went great with everything working fine. At least no skunk...
  3. keys to the boat drain plug anchor dock lines / bumpers boat registration flares updated extra oil grease wheel bearings make sure tires are inflated correctly /spare tire check brake lines and brake fluid on trailer check trailer lights, spare bulb check boat lights / spare bulb
  4. I have one on my boat and love it. Very good quality, totally adjustable and shipped to your door.
  5. Fished PS today from 12-4:30 PM, ended up 7 for 10, with 5 steelies and 2 kings. Fished from 100 - 175 FOW. All of the steelies came on 100 foot of coppper on stinger pinky (hot) and both kings came on rigger down 100 - 115 on Moonshine double trouble. Most hits came in 155-175. Beautiful day on the water with less the one foot waves. The surface water was 55 degrees, pretty much down as far as my probe would read. One king was around 12 pounds.
  6. Fished out of PS this morning solo from 10 AM - 2 PM, ended up 2 for 5. One king about 8 pounds and 1 small steelie about 4 pounds. Both came around 155 FOW. Getting hits from 85 down - 110. The steelie came on 100 foot copper on stinger pinky. The king came on Monshine Double trouble. Couple of other light hits and were gone before I could get to them. Most hits came from 10-12 and not much after that. A lot of warm water out there 59 degrees down deep. Only a couple of other boats out and sounded like similar action. didn't mark much bait at all.
  7. Fished out of Whitehall again this morning going 5 for 7. Fished mostly 110-130 from piers to just north of the last dune. Fish were down 25-40. 4 decent kings and a monster Steelie (15 pounds). The steelie jump at least 8 times trying to spit the hook. I was amazed I got it in not to mention I was fishing solo. Modified carmel dolphin was hot again, double trouble and flint stone coyote took the steelie.
  8. Great news the nets are gone! some company from Bever Island came and removed all of the nets... Yaaaaaaa.
  9. Fished AM and PM, going 5 for 7 in the AM and 3 for 7 in the PM. Mix of steel and kings. Biggest was about 10 pounds. Water was 58 on top and 43 down 20. Most hits came between 15 and 25 down in 90 - 130 FOW. Fished from straight out to just north of the dunes. Seems everyone was catching fish. Beautiful day on the water. Great news the nets are gone! some company from Bever Island came and removed all of the nets... Yaaaaaaa. It's going to be a great summer....
  10. I'm glad the boat is working out for you Dave.
  11. I bought these last year, great price and seem to be very rugged and put a ton of light out http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005WWIV3O/ref=pe_385040_30332200_pe_309540_26725410_item I bought two arches from this company in Michigan. Great prices, high quality product, easy to setup and local. They ship to your door. http://www.fishonsports.com/
  12. Wild game dinner at Corinth Reformed church on Monday Jan 27th at 6:30 PM. This is a potluck style dinner. If you don't have wild game or fish, then just bring a dish or dessert to pass. Dan will be give a shorten seminar on big lake fishing along with sharing his testimony. Suggested donation is only $5. Corinth church is located at 129 - 100th Street SE, Byron Center,MI. Call the church office for more info. 616-877-4652.
  13. Went out last night from 5-8 PM and ended up with a skunk. Started in 75 FOW and trolled out to 170 nothing, trolled back east, south, north, nothing. Temp on surface was 63 degrees as it was 100 down. A couple of marks, but no takers. Maybe in another month the lake will cool down enough to bring in the steelies......
  14. Thinking we had over 10 on the big lake, don't combat fish. Fish all taken out of Whitehall. Meat rigs, Meat rigs, Meat rigs. Going back to running them more often.....
  15. Just talked to a good source at White Lake and nothing happening there right now on the big lake or in White Lake. One of the charters that has only caught 4 fish in 3 outings.
  16. Fished 9 times in the past six days and ready to take a break. Ended on Saturday with finally getting a limit of fish (10 for 17). Trolled mostly north out of Whitehall in 90 - 130 FOW. Everyone is catching mostly coho with an occasional king or steelhead. Yesterday we got 7 coho 2 kings and one steelhead. Fished came mostly above 50 feet with the temp getting deeper as the week went on. Best action was near Stony Lake and marked most of the bait down there. Haven't been running meat rigs much and I changed that yesterday and took 4 fish on it after 9 AM. Going back to running it more often. My biggest king came on that this year, took a 24 pounder yesterday on meat (black mamba). It was great weather after the blow on Tuesday and a great week of fishing. Numbers are still really down from last year, probably about half. Not marking the bait I saw in the spring.
  17. Fished this morning solo and ended up with a skunk in the box (ouch). Started in 100 went out to 325 FOW and not a hit, trolled back in to 50 FOW and called it. Fog all morning. Didn't mark anything past 180, with best marks around 130-150. Only marked one ball of bait around 80 FOW. Hope this slow down doesn't last much longer.
  18. Fished out of Whitehall on Saturday going 3 for 4 (one king, one coho, and one steelie). Fished from 10-2 (looked like a storm was coming). Fished in dense fog most of the morning and pretty slow fishing (typical June). Fish came down about 50 feet with getting hits south of the pier in 80-120 FOW. Fish came on riggers, dipsy and full copper. The net situation hasn't gotten any better. There is a net just north of Duck lake at about 110 - 140, Then another stranded one just south of the pier in about 85 FOW (really watch this one because part of it is runs south from the flag and not west (we ended up catching this one, lucky not to lose anything). Then there is another stranded one in 60 FOW just north of the pier. These are very hard to find in the fog and poorly marked, so it was a bit stressful out there fishing in the fog. Just hope they get rid of these 2 poorly marked stranded nets soon. Done fishing until around the 4th.
  19. Back up to Whitehall for the summer and took the boat out for a short trip tonight that was almost a disaster. I was heading out from the pier n/w and in 75 fow running at 30 MPH I hit some stranded net on several small orange like milk cartons. I practically went through the windshield and the 175 outboard came right up out of the water. Must have just hopped right over some sort of rope or main net line. Lucky it didn't hurt anything. Never seen anything like that out on the lake in 12 years of fishing. Ended up only catching 1 laker and missed another hit. Water is very cold up here still and the action is very slow compared to down around Port Sheldon area last week. Only a few other boats out there and nobody doing much of anything. Hopefully they get rid of that net in 75 FOW, be very careful out there if your out of Whitehall.
  20. Made it out Thursday morning from 6-11 AM and also went out from 5-9 PM in the evening. The AM we went 8 for 11 and then at night we went 3 for 5. The AM we started in 90 troll west straight out and picked up a couple of nice kings (8-10) pounds on 300 copper Mag carmel dolphin. Hits came around 130-150. Ended up trolling north in south in the 140-150 catching the other fish. Fish were coming down anywhere from 3 color to 110 down, with about 70 feet down being the best. The AM trip we had 4 kings and 4 coho with the biggest about 12 pounds. The evening trip was about the same with one king at 18 pounds the other at about 14 and a nice steelie. The fish are real chunky and well fed. There were a few other boats out there with similar action. Beautiful day on the water.
  21. Hi Everyone, I just was told about this new product and ordered one for myself. I fish by myself often and always kind of worried what would happen if I fell overboard. Now they have a device to kill the motor that you can put in your pocket or just about anywhere Here is a link http://autotether.com/at/ I'm not affiliated with the company, just think it's worth checking out and might save your life.
  22. Went out in the fog today from 9:00 - 12:00 and ended up 7 for 10. 3 nice steelhead and 3 coho, and threw one small king back. Fished from 95 to 200 with 125 being about the best. Fish came from 3 color down to 50 foot on rigger. All spoons and one on thin-fin
  23. Here is a great graph that shows the water levels on lake Michigan since 1960 http://www.in.gov/dnr/water/files/02LakeLevelGraph1960-2012.pdf
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