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  1. The big Torpedo swivels are perfect for heavy connections like connecting to divers and 10 oz weights. The small ones are nice and small for spoons, and they started making a ball bearing swivel if line twist is an issue. For our longlines if we're running flasher flies, we use two swivels back to back.
  2. I don't see why you couldn't, depending on which props you have it may not want to go that slow, but if you go to small with props you may be hitting your rev limiters on the high end. I saw Mercury had a troll control right at the shifter which would be absolutely amazing for tuning your speed. Trolling bags are always a good idea in my opinion not only for stability, but to keep the rpm's up a hair and give better boat control. I would imagine that the negative trolling you've heard is about 2 stroke outboards.
  3. I realize that it costs a bit more (alot more in some cases) but if it can help, I don't see why you wouldn't use it. Lake water isn't getting any dirtier.
  4. There are just some guys that take the pro staff thing wayyyyyyyyy too far.
  5. We have a brand new textured floor on the boat I was on all summer. The only thing that would even begin to clean it was comet and a ridiculously stiff bristle brush. It got cleaned twice a day and needed it every time- especially with smokers on board. The smoother floors do fine with soft scrub with bleach and a decent brush. Keeps the smell to a minimum and looks like new when scrubbed. Wash down pump is a must IMO. If you have those crazy Trophy in floor fish boxes.......Well, let's just hope you don't.
  6. Not sure if one is better than the other, but i'm sure it's possible. I use the regular black stuff found at Fleet Farm. I have regular old TDR rods for my personal stuff but our coppers on the charter boats have the big eye Talora's and don't seem to have any problems.
  7. Lack of prep or maybe they didnt use the paint they said they did.
  8. I stopped using the haywire on super copper after having a few correctly tied connections fail. Not that it can't be done, but now even with I splice, I use a spro and shrinktube. I would consider haywire twist with shrink tube over it just to make it easier on the guides and help minmize backlashing.
  9. Vectors. Scotty, then Cannons for me, Big Jon doesn't impress me in the least.
  10. Did you get back to being admin on GLA?

  11. Your 47s will hole more than enough wire. Our high divers are braid and deep divers are mags with wire on 9' talora roller rods with swivel tips. I like the different lines in the event of a tangle- makes it easier to sort out what's what. Agreed on the wire- watch for kinks- that stuff is pretty much bulletproof but I have had to take 30-40' of it off and reterminate about 10 times this year.
  12. I think a bunch of guys have been axed..............
  13. Bosses replaced 9 motors this year with 10 and 11 on the way over the winter......that doesn't include all the other pumps and stuff that go wrong regularly
  14. My thought is if they're watching the counters then they're missing the show altogether, penns are fine for riggers
  15. I did mine thru explorers guide and nwtc, but I'm in Wisconsin. I would research something similar near your area as its a pretty good way to do most of the work without the drive
  16. That being said, I might be willing to try some 30 for when the fleas are around.......which has been alomst all summer.
  17. Our rigger rods have 20 lb and not any issues, and they usually have flashers of some variety on them. Just watch the drag pressure and you should be good.
  18. Same as Ryan but with Clarions instead of Tekotas....... They're nice and seem to be holding up nicely as they're new and have about 140 trips on them and are like new. I set the drags a bit tighter but not much
  19. Maybe put a teflon clicker in it- the metal ones are deafening and sticky. Tuna sells them. Put a lb or 20 oz ball on it and let it out a few times against light drag. Noticed a few of them and clarions getting sticky.........don't laugh but a shot of PB blaster near the edges of the spool cleared the problem right up. And they get used at least once a day.
  20. We still get pretty good deals on Morgans 45lb and love it. Contrary to popular belief- almost all copper is made at the same place just ordered with different twist rates........This has been confirmed from the owners of several companies. It's pretty much all the same however I'm sure the 32 lb being a looser wrap is easier to work with.
  21. Is there a chine or strake or something else that disturbs the water in front of it?
  22. A few is fine as long as we have an experienced sober person to run the boat back in. I noticed that when we stopped getting hammered while fishing we sure did alot better........and remembered what worked.
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