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  1. If your ever in the Muskegon area, rays mini mart has a box full of fishcatcher flashers Sent from my HTC One X using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  2. I almost always run a spin doctor with a meat rig on my wire divers. Last few trips a big white paddle with a blu moo meat rig on the 300 copper has been great for us. Sometimes I'll drop one deep on a rigger. So yeah, pretty much anywhere besides the real high lines
  3. Could you post a pic or two of your red leds on at night? How long of led strips do you have?
  4. Ive been blinded more then once by other boats spreaders. Some are pointed way to much out behind the boat rather then at the transom. Being previously blinded made me aware so I set mine up aimed at the cooler and corner riggers, trying to be courteous to others and still functional for what I want for netting and such. I have a cheap $5 LED light from harbor freight I can zip tie to the arch to see the rigger rods in the dark. Sooner or later I'm going to order some led strips to mount under the gunwales to make the floor glow enough to swap tackle, tie knots, ect without blowing our night vision out. 1999 and newer GM owners can disable their automatic headlights by pressing the dome override button 3 or 4 times quickly. A chime will sound and the head lights can be turned on manually or just park lights. When the truck is shut off and restarted the automatic headlights will work normally again.
  5. Good post! We have noticed that as well. Another thing that pops up every year around this time is smaller boats with removable stern lights on a pole. I sure see a lot of them that don't work, aren't tall enough, or are not installed in the dark... Keep an eye out guys, ya never know when you'll come across a canoe trolling one rod in 140fow with no lights I want a bigger cooler but I'll first have to see if it is taller then my current model. The 120qt I have now is 2-3" lower then our stern light, the only time the light isn't visable is when the cooler is open:D . If the cooler is open in the dark the spreader lights are on anyway to remove hooks.
  6. We went NW out of Muskegon this morning from 50 to 300 fow off Duck Lake/Whitehall, speed was mostly 2.8-3.0 on the GPS. Finished 6 for 8( a couple other rips here and there, gone before the rod was touched), one 21lb king, a couple 6-7lb griller kings, a 11lb Skam, decent laker, and released a small laker. Lost the one on a double and the other straightened the ring on a swivel. wire Dipsy 160 back took 1 on SD/meat rig, 100 copper took 1 on a orange spoon, 300 copper took 2 big white paddle/meat, full core 1 dont remember but a spoon, rigger took 1chrome red head J Hope it helps, most of our action was past 150 on out. Found a couple areas of warmer surface water, the fish were there. Lots of steelhead surfacing out deep.
  7. Dipsys and long lines can always be added in the future as your experience and confidentence grows. Four riggers is all my dad fished with when I was a kid, it wasn't until I got infected with the salmon bug that more rigs were added to the boat. He thinks I'm crazy pulling up to a dozen lines now if I have the crew to do it. Vary your depths and leads from the balls to see what the fish want. Fishing them in a V formation will help keep ya tangle free, center riggers at deeper depths and out downs shallower. Any type of lure can be ran off them, spoons, plugs, flasher/flies, meat rigs, ect. Pay attention to your cable angles at trolling speed, somewhere between 2-3mph typically(again experiment with speed), trolling into a current will result in more ball blow back, and the opposite trolling with the current. Make a mental note of the rigger cable angles when your catching fish, try to replicate that next time out. The guys on this site are real helpful so don't be afraid to ask questions. Where will you be fishing out of? Likely someone might take ya under their wing and show ya some tricks. Sent from my HTC One X using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  8. A couple screen shots from my phone off that app. I hope these help some! I can get coordinates for any of the other depths on those screens if you'd like. Sent from my HTC One X using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  9. Ok, well here's what the app tells me from the nautical charts. Due west from St. Joe 78 feet 42 7.00514 N -86 35.25261 W 90 feet 42 6.9593 N -86 36.90056 W 120 FT 42 6.95548 N -86 38.60516 W
  10. Have a smart phone? You could download the Backcountry Navigator app. One of the map options is a nautical chart back ground showing depths as a paper chart would. I used the app all the time for hunting and fishing, recording tracks to stands and my track and fish hits on days of trolling
  11. 3 for 3. Took a couple rookies from work out this morning. Not the fast and furious fishing that we were looking for, but we put the new guy on his first salmon. He's an avid bass guy, never been on or fished the big water before. A nice 16 pound king slammed the wire dipsy set on 1, 88 feet back, Hawg wild spin doctor with a holographic looking fly, 55 feet of water. The rod was in the holder less then a minute before it took off, first thing this morning. Later a baby king 14"er took the same flasher fly 55 back in around 114fow. Then just before pulling lines a 27" lake trout took the same rig, again about 55 back in around 80fow. Washed everything in the boat, but seeing my inland fishing buddy freak on his first king was worth every penny of fuel burned!
  12. Boatnerd.com is a site devoted to Great Lakes shipping. There is a historical write up for each ship sailing the lakes in the fleet photo galleries Sent from my HTC One X using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  13. I haven't used these but only a few times, now that I have an arch on the boat they are obsolete. They mount on a 7/8-1 1/4" rail I believe(like a bow rail or a pontoon rail) and have the heavier duty four bolt clamps. Perfect condition. $50 to your door. Sent from my HTC One X using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  14. Didn't see any of the nets north of Muskegon tonight either. Lets just hope they keep them away!
  15. Took a quick trip after work tonight, with the 14 footer. It was a Blue Dolphin kind of night. We went 3 for 4 fishing 50 to 100 feet of water. Started out hitting a steelie on the Blue Dolphin 30 down on a rigger 67 fow, WNW troll. After a brief dancing show right behind the boat, it took off toward one of the boards and threw the hook on another jump when my buddy tried to stop it from tangling the full core. Fish two, 23" king. 30 down, same Blue Dolphin spoon. IIRC we were in 85FOW, south troll. Fish three, 22" king. Again 30 down, same spoon. 50FOW on our east troll back in. Lastly we pulled a little 11.5" guy around on a reg size moonshine behind a dipsy at the end of the night. Fish cleaned and packaged and in the fridge. Boat and gear all put away, and in front of dinner all before 9 lol. Would of liked to of stayed out to dark, but we both have to work in the morning.
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