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  1. Anyone applying for a permit the deadline is coming up fast. I submitted mine tonight. Trying for a general permit for unit ZE.
  2. I had to put our lab Shiloh down this past spring and I've been missing him bad ever since. Last trip I made to the kal all I could do the whole time was think about my best friend not being with me. I saw the pics of dubblelung with his walleye and his lab beside him and I just couldn't stand it any longer. I decided it was high time I go get me a new fishing buddy. My wife and kids told me "its about time". Guess they've been missing Shiloh too. So we packed up the whole family and went and picked us out a new puppy Introducing "Eli" the newest member of our family!
  3. Nice ones Ed. Your making me hungry.
  4. Those are some beautiful salmons. This lake must have a good forage base for those fish to be so healthy.
  5. If they're going to plant a forage type fish I'd rather they planted smelt. I was doing some investigating on the subject a few years ago and I found out they actually did release smelt at one time.
  6. Saw this article at Mlive. Nice to hear some good news for a change. http://www.mlive.com/outdoors/index.ssf/2010/01/fisheries_leaders_cheer_report.html
  7. Thats really cool! Congrats on a great fish! I love your dog too! Your story and pics just made my day. Thanks
  8. Wow! Thats really cool! The one that got away must have been huge. I'd like to hunt for them, but I'm kind of glad they aren't around the areas I hunt. Sounds like they do alot of damage. Anyway congrats!
  9. I got a moultrie for Christmas too. I haven't set it up yet cause I been too busy with all the family get togethers, but it looks like a nice cam. It has to be better than my old one. My old one is a stealth cam. It takes good pics but its a film type camera so I had to scan all my pics to load them on my computer. I'll be seeing how good it works here real soon.
  10. Real nice buck! Congrats to you and your son.
  11. Looks like you got a good spot there. Nice pics!
  12. Nothin like huntin with a good friend in a good spot. Glad you got one. Hope you get some more!
  13. Go get em Mike! I think I know who I'm voting for in the next election http://www.mlive.com/environment/index.ssf/2009/12/michigan_ag_mike_cox_says_hell.html
  14. Thats a dandy! Great story too. Deer are strong animals. Especially bucks. Its surprising how far they can run sometimes even when you make a good hit. Glad you got one!
  15. I was just at the joe and it seemed pretty slow to me. Managed one small male steelie. Maybe its better down river? I fished up near BS.
  16. Nice buck! Love the twisty tines. Gives him character
  17. Thats a fine first bowkill right there! Great story too. Congrats!
  18. phishtix

    6 pt Tonight

    Sweet! Looks like your having a great season. Congrats!
  19. Some of the newer cams supposedly use less power than the older ones. I know one thing the price on them has come down quite a bit. A few years ago you couldn't touch a decent digital trail cam for less than 300 dollars. Now I see several in the 100 dollar range. I want one of them ones that sends pics straight to your cell phone or e-mail Isn't it funny, when I was a kid we used to dream of stuff like this.
  20. I like to use salmon eggs myself. Single salmon eggs fished off the bottom on a slip rig. Seems like I've always done best for the whitefish round about the time when the weather starts to get uncomfortably cold. Steelies show up first and then the whitefish.
  21. Well there's nothing prettier than a full quiver of cedar arrows all crested with barred feathers and all that, but for practicality and efficiency nothing I've found beats a good set of carbons. Especially if you like to hunt small game with your bow. I can buy a half dozen carbon arrows and practice and hunt with them and as long as I don't lose them they'll stay good for years. Aluminum is usually bent the first time you miss your target, and wood usually cracks or brakes clean in two. I've been using the CE maximas 350s with the blazer vanes.
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