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    Im old and fat and love to fish.
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    Fishing for everything but Bass!
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  1. Capt_Bruce, Just got the first cover off. I scored the inside of the cover some more with a razor knife. Then very gently pryed it off. A little nerve racking at first. After this first one it should go fairly quick. You would think that Cannon would have used better materials, but from what I understand they have worked these problems out with the newer models. Again many thanks!!
  2. Thanks for the tips Capt. Im fairly handle with tools but this one had me stumped. As far as the power cords go I dont recall where they came from. My brother remembered a box of "stuff" that we had in the basement, thought that there may be cords in there and sure enough, they were. Again thank you for the help, I guess that its time to get to work.
  3. Anybody have any ideas on how to get the covers off my Digitrols. I need to replace the power cables but have run into a road block with the covers. I would send them in but I have my Dad coming up in a week and dont want to fish Lakers with my manuals!! Any thoughts or insite would be great. Thanks in advance!!
  4. I love Daffs! Working on getting some mushrooms, for pics and the frying pan.
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