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  1. The number of rods per person is 3 and applies to all types of fishing. It used to be 2 per angler, and was increased several years ago to 3.
  2. I love my convectors, but I found that the Cablela's Line Counter reels are really very good. They go on sale for about 40 bucks every season end. I got several and after 2 seasons all I do is clean and oil them. Drags are smooth and the linecounters are fair.
  3. Poor Jen, sounds like the guy was a mooch.
  4. Nice job: We will be fishing again Sunday, The Bite is on.
  5. Good luck you might want to try straight out and set lines in about 100FOW and work North to the 10's. There are a lot of fish stacked up out there in that area. Temps are kind of warm, our probe at 65' had 54 degrees, dropped to 80 and it was 44. Vary your speed and get er done.
  6. Dodged storms in the AM, had good action on big kings and steelhead. We cut the day short and ended with 2 Mature Kings both females, and 1 coho and 1 steelhead. Had 3 other hits that got off before we got to the rods, and 1 run on the wire dipsy that came back to the boat and got off. Weather was dicey and we quit at 11:00. Silverhordes both Ace hi and regular #4 and 5 in Green spatter back, wonder bread and blue spatter back, magnum spoons in purple and blues. We were using the new DR spoons, that u can get online at drspoons.com. That is a plug for my buddy Dave. Fished south into the wind to get away from a nasty storm first thing, and had most of our hits on a south troll. Only had 2 hits when we turned to go north, 110 to 140 FOW, rigger at 56 with purple spoon, rigger at 45 with silver horde wonder bread back 100'. Spoons were back 50. Dipsey' out 105 and 120. Coho came on 300 copper, ace hi chrome with pink dots.
  7. We got into a few nice perch on Sunday, Same area we talked about in the earlier post. We ended up with about 25 before the fog set in, and the kids got tired of being cooped up on the boat. Fish were spotty to say the least, and we did get about 7 13 to 15 inchers, the rest were 7 to 8" eaters. Was a great day on the water, but FOGGY.
  8. I am going to be taking my grandkids out tomorrow for perch. I am going to start looking north off the Gazebo, and try to find a few schools. Boat is SilverKing, and will have radio in 68
  9. U r the man Frank. Nice job. 4 man limit on tough conditions. well played.
  10. For over 35 years I have been using the Uni-Knot, in the North American Fisherman knot test it tested stronger than any other simple knot they tested. There are some doubled up knots that were slightly stronger, but this one is simple and I have never had a knot fail. I
  11. I guess to each his own on the leader material, I tried 30#Seaguar on my coppers and leadcores, and it was a disaster, went back to 25# Big game for leaders and no problem. I do however use 40# PLine floro carbon leader material for flies..
  12. 20# Ande for riggers until the sea fleas hit us. The we have been using cortlandt flea flicker. That is no longer made so I got a bulk 2500 yard of blood run seaflea. If you continue using regular mono it can cause a lot of issues when the fleas get on it. We also run power pro divers in the early months March April and early may then switch to wire for the dipsy's . I know people using the red line and they catch fish. be sure to use good quality mono for leader material on your copper and Leadcore, the Fluoro Carbon is really expensive for leader material. The regular fluoro Carbon doesn't cut it as leader. Way too brittle.
  13. Riggers dipsys and 300 copper's all get meat at times, just remember to slow down. U can't troll 3 mph with those rigs. Lately we have had a really good Silver Horde bite in St Joe. We have taken Kings, Lakers and Steelhead on Green and blue Splatterback and Wonderbread. 10 color and 4 color both and off deep riggers.
  14. Boating regulations state that all power craft must have starboard green markers and port red markers on the bow, a white lite to the stern to identify direction. These must be displayed from sundown until sun up and are a true safety issue. Having a large array on while underway is as big a danger as no lites. I have red lighting strips on the gunwales inside the boat to allow me to work and not be lite blinded. Sounds like some fishermen need to read the coast guard regs.
  15. Good point here. We actually postponed a trip last week to wait for the ships store to open so we could replace a bulb on our starboard forward lite. I actually have 2 lites for my stern, one on transom, and my mooring lite is either or.. Being visible is a must in the early and late hours at the pier heads. BTW it is a large fine if you are ticketed for improper running lites.
  16. Captain Craig, In the southern lake, fishing has slowed a bit for the last few weeks, but we are still getting between 5 and 10 fish per trip. Today was a short day due to the Captains alarm clock not going off becasuse of a power issue Saturday nite. However we managed to boat 5, 2 steelhead 2 Kings and a nice Laker. In St. Joe we are fishing in shallower than normal and taking advantage of the off shore winds bringing the cold water in. So Fishing not as good as it used to be? Not too sure about that, I have been fishing the Lake since the early 1970's and we certainly don't have the numbers we had prior to the Zebra mussel becoming an issue but we still have a lot of fish.
  17. Kenny Neidlinger would be proud of you. That was his method for years. U know the rigs I run, and its all about having fun. I will say that 60 years ago we ran leadcore for trout fishing in Washington and Oregon Inland lakes worked just like it does on Lake Michigan. I do prefer Leadcore to copper its a lot less work and a lot easier to handle. I have started putting Dive bombs on my leadcore to get it deeper. Lately though just 4 colors and 6 colors of leadcore have been the ticket for Steelhead and Kings.
  18. Old school Kevin. How are u doing with the sea fleas? When we run clean mono the Fleas hang on the line.
  19. The best knot I have found is a figure 8, pass the loop twice through on an over hand knot pull tight it forms a figure 8 and is slip proof.
  20. Check out drspoons.com, they have some really great and innovative colors and the UV stuff is really killer. My buddy Dave owns the company and he fishes out of St. Joe. U won't be disappointed with his stuff. Here is a link. http://www.drspoons.com/Store.asp
  21. Thanks for that information, I had only assumed that 1 minute equaled 1 mile. Now I have solid confirmation. The good thing is that GPS is a lot m ore accurate than our old LoranC positions. My current GPS readings can get me to within 10 feet of my way point, close enough.
  22. We fished St Joe as always Sunday, and the radio traffic from Holland, Muskegon and Port Sheldon was non stop. I am not sure why the traffic was audible in St Joe, but it was nice hearing guys finding some Kings. St Joe has been spotty, with 5 to 7 fish per trip and a lot of guys filling out with Lake Trout to get some fish in the box. We released our 2 lakers on Sunday and had 2 nice Steelhead and 2 Kings in the teens. Water temp was 68 on the surface, and 43 degrees down 65 feet. all of our hits came between 20 and 45 feed down, 4 color 6 color and walker deeper diver 124 on 2 out 90. All on spoons. Any on have any Ideas on why radio traffic from that far north was audible in St. Joe. Radio wave propogation must have been off the chart..
  23. ?Fishing is spotty in StJoe, we fished Sunday from 6:30 til noon, 6 strikes. Boated 2 Steelhead and 2 kings, released 2 lakers. 80 to 120 FOW, and everything came fairly early, when the sun got up it died. Took me a while to get started but put away the meat rigs and went all spoons then we got bit. North and South trolls worked best there was a strong current. Temp at 65 Was 43 degrees, and at 50 it was 47. Speeds around 2.8 on the Fishawk at the ball and 2.3 on top. Stinger glow Christmas and Stinger bloody nose were the best. Perch pack was straight out and south to the pump station. Don't know how they did.
  24. Just checked the Cook Plant buoy, and its reading 66.8 o surface and 66.1 at the 8th thermistor, really kind of different! Is this accurate?
  25. You might want to try a wide gap single hook instead of the treble, they usually give a better hook up. Just try to match hook weight. As for releases I still think that the #33 rubber band on a big jon band buster is the best way to hook fish.
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