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  1. There are always fish off shore in the southern lake, the biggest problem is the limited number of days you can get out there due to weather conditions. I normally leave my boat in the water until October, but last year we were caught with snow early and it never let up. So we are pulling the boat out next week and gonna spend a few days buffing her out and polishing up everything to be ahead of the game for next spring. Where r u fishing? I know in St Joe there are some nice kings and steelhead out in 180 to 240 FOW, and they are usually very cooperative.
  2. I fished on the Pleasure Tyme with my buddy Dave of DR Spoons and had a rough ride. We set lines in 75 FOW, first hit came on rigger 65 down, nice 2 yr old king about 12 lbs, while that fish was on had another fire on the deep rigger down near bottom, Lake Trout about 20#. Trolled out to 110 FOW and turned around to fish into the waves. We ended our day with 4 Lakers and 1 King, 2 of the trout were of the 25" category, and 2 were twins big fat 38 to 39 inchers about 20 lbs. What worked, DR spoons, blue bubble and greasy chicken, all of our fish but the last laker were on riggers, and that last one came on a dipsey back 125. We started south by the Junk cars, and ended up north in the 10's. We never had a hit after 8:30 and pulled lines at noon.
  3. This has always been a misconception, that when the moon is full fishing improves, and the truth of it is a full moon kills fishing. As Ed said they feed all night and are indifferent during the morning and daytime hours. This week end, the 13th and 14th should be a lot better than last weekend.
  4. Getting Out. My partner in the boat can't afford it any more and it is more than I want to be committed to. Its not a business its a pastime. If u r interested let me know.
  5. Twin V8 Inboards with counter rotating screws. BenMar autopilot, 4 Walker Downriggers, lots of rod holders 2 Great Lakes 3 rod towers, all anchors and equipment including 19 rods 25 reels new spool of ande 20 and blood run 30 lb seaflea. Wire dipsys and power pro dipsy setups, too many spoons and plugs to count, New Humming bird 858, fishawk. All charter approved Life jackets. shore power cord, spare alternator, and much more. $18500 or best offer. I am lowering the price to 16,000 to GLF members only. The boat is slipped at Brians Marina in St Joe. Call Mike 269 9294221. For more information and to arrange a showing check out the link below for more pics. http://www.POPYachts.com/View/63820
  6. Kevin We started in 65 fow. There was too much traffic to mess around the dirty water, a couple of guys went in there and ended up moving out. Water at the river mouth was 71 on the surface and 65 on the bottom.
  7. Mixed bag out of ST JOE, early bite was good until the sun came up. We got a late start, but managed a few fish, 1 King and 2 keeper Lake Trout. A couple of guys in our Marina did catch a few early. We fished 75 to 110, and maked a lot of bait fish on the bottom in that 105 range, North off of Rocky Gap. Really don't know where the Kings went, I don't think they have run yet in the southern lake. We caught a nice 12 lb. King on a 6 color Stinger bloody nose. Lake trout came on UV Spin doc with a blue bubble fly, about 5' off the bottom. Really not much going on but there is cold water 55 down we had 44degrees. at 48 down it was 58 degrees.
  8. Sea Hawk is a charter out of St Joe, he does not post on GLF or FB, SEA EAGLE made the post.
  9. I am amazed, I run 14# balls and have not lost a ball, except when someone brings the ball out of the water in rough conditions, or stops and drops too fast. I run 150# wire, Band buster releases and #33 rubberbands. In rough conditions u need to make sure u stop the ball 3 to 4 feet below the surgace, or you get the yo yo bounce and that will break cables.
  10. The Sad thing is that he is a Charter Captain. The so called professional! Glad no one was hurt badly. We all need to remember that safety is the first rule of boating.
  11. My experience exactly. Most times when the board dives it is because you are trying to lift up with your rod tip. Keep the rod tip low and apply side way pressure. Even big Kings won't keep it up long.
  12. Had John Crouse and his brother on board for the day, It was a little lumpy first thing, South rollers and currents were really bad. We set up in 75 FOW, and like my fishing buddies had said, the fish had moved. We found cold water at 65ft, so I set a deep rigger with a paddle green big weenie paddle and home tied UV blue bubble fly, we tried plugs and large spoons, and nothing going for the fires 2 hours 1 hit on a 6 color with a stinger glow Christmas spoon. switched to smaller baits and finally got another hit, 300 copper with Silver Streak UV Panty ho. Nice Steelhead. Next hit was a King on the same set up, other side of the boat. Had 2 releases on riggers, nothing doing. Next hit was dipsy on 2 out 85, took a really nice Skamania that had its tail all chewed up. Trolled for another hour and had an under sized Lake Trout take the flasher and blue bubble down on the bottom, released that fish and the DNR came by and asked for us to flash our licenses, and they were satisfied. Slow out of the Joe. Ended the day 4 for 8, Not as good as last week but we got a couple.
  13. Good job on finding fish, I think if you check that the mature Kings are mostly 3 year old fish. We have Washington and Oregon strain fish here and they run at 3. 4 year old fish are from Alaska. I have spoken to several fish biologists and they seem to believe we have rare 4 year old Kings and all Coho mature at 3.
  14. Its part of the Rocky Mtn Experience. Up, down, and sore muscles. I Hunt the Rockies every chance I get and we always spend 2 to 3 months getting ready by doing a lot of Back pack and camping along the Manistee above Red bridge. The river trail is good exercise.
  15. When u go up the GOING TO THE SUN ROAD be sure and look down at McDonald Lake. It is so clear u can see the bottom looks like its shallow but don't believe it.
  16. Exactly Jeff; I tell em its not bass fishing, its KING SALMON, if it takes 30 minutes so what? Also how many times have u slowed up and slowly turned and had another fish hit an outside rigger or board? Have fun if u lose em so what, just give yourself a chance. Our last trip Sunday we were 8 for 8 with 4 Steelhead 3 Kings and 1 coho. It can be done if u r patient.
  17. I assume you run the V configuration for your set up, that would put the Coppers in close and the other presentations further out. When you fight remember that you control the fish not the fish you. Apply pressure side ways to turn the fish. In addition if you pull the inside presentations first if necessary. I have never had to pull my long presentations for a Dipsy or rigger fish. On the Silverking we always tell people to let the fish fight, don't pump and try to get line that way. Everytime you lower the rod tip you give the fish some slack you can't help it. Most of the reels used on the lake are from 3.8 to 5.0 retrieve, the pro's on the Saltwater use multipliers, and they are a lot faster. So you did nothing wrong, we all lose fish.
  18. Good Job on the fish, we chose not to drive 50 miles to get blown off by storms. I will say that Sunday the water was above 55 degrees all the way down to 60 ft. off St joe. but the fish were cooperative.
  19. John call me in ref Tuesday Fishing. Not looking too good, but we can kind of play it by ear. 929 4221

  20. Set lines in 90 f.o.w. deep rigger @ 80 others at 45 60 and 56, dipsys at 125 and 175, 6 color 4 color full core and 300 coppers. Fish came on the deep rigger with a UV spin doc and blue bubble fly, 300 copper with green splatter back silver horde, we got 5 fish quickly on that pattern and trolled out to 130 in 4 foot waves. turned around and headed back in and as the sun got higher the waves started to settle down. Changed up things and went to some stingers. Glow Christmas and jawbreaker on 4 color 6 color brought the riggers up to 36 and 40 on the outside and 55 and 45 on the inside, we were seeing steelhead on the graph and jumping on the surface. Most of our hits were on a west troll, and we stayed mostly straight out. Troll speed was 2.7 to 3.2 mph, because of the rough water. Ended with 8, for 8, 4 steelhead, 3 kings and 1 coho,. We pulled lines at noon.
  21. John:

    Looking for fishermen for This Sunday the 24th, call me 269 929 4221 if you want to go.

  22. Andy:

    We are looking for fishermen for this Sunday. Let me know if you are interested. My cell is 269 929 4221

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