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  1. Nice job, Way to get if figured out. Hope to run into you guys again on the lake Mike
  2. How do you get to the boat launch at Port Sheldon coming of of Hwy 31 from the south? Will be fishing in the lil tramp my 15' Mirro Craft. Thanks in advance. Mike Supertramp
  3. Let me know how it worked for you I have some other advice about the pieces of band getting caught and not coming out of the loops in the main line. Just pinch your fingers on the main line and slide over the piece of band it should come off easily that way.
  4. Let me know how that works for you. As a caveat I used to use the Walker releases, but like with all other hard fast releases too many shakers u never see bounce the bait. I went to rubberbands in about 1980. You will see the rod dance befor even a smaller fish breaks it loose. The one drawback is you will sometimes get a piece of rubberband stuck in the loops and it will stay there onto the reel. Just run your fingers down the line and usually it will come right out. Mike
  5. All u need to do is loop the main line twice around 2 fingers pass 1 end of the rubber band thru the 2 loops then back thru the other end of the rubber band it wont slip and be sure to use #16 bands. u can get them at any office supply store. If the 1 band isn't enough double them I do this when we are running big plugs or large flashers. I strongly reccomend the Big Jon Band buster as a terminal rig on your down rigger cable It is the easiest to use and is not very expensive. P.S. I load the heck out of the rods and have no problems with breaking the bands prematurely. A small coho will break them and u never miss seeing the rod bounce when a shaker is on. Good luck Mike Supertramp
  6. Moosky Good luck this weekend in the Big Jon ProAm with the Silver One crew tell Joe to get em.
  7. Guys the fish cleaning station at Black River Park is being left open all night if u come in late u can still clean your catch just be sure to bring a light. The attendant said they will leave it open until people stop taking care of thier mess. SO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF AND HAVE A GREAT TIME.
  8. My GPS speed was 2.8 to 3.1 mph depending on wind direction and troll direction all of the fish came on a southwest troll. the lake was flat and really nice night until about 8:15 wind came up and by the time we pulled lines and got started in the lake was building to about 2 ft.
  9. Cleared the Piers at about 5:30, ran out to 85 FOW set lines trolled NW out to 130 marked a lot of fish from the bottom up to 40', had 2 downriggers set at 80 and 60, both with free sliders. First fish came in 130 on Gold monkey Puke magnum on the deep rigger, the next was a Laker on power Pro Dipsey with small ring set on 3 out 90 ft Carmel dolhin Magnum nice laker we let go with out bringing him in the boat as we were releasing that one full core with Lemon Ice Magnum Nice big King over 15lbs. turned to a south troll in 145 FOW and Action was steady on the full core and the riggers free Slider. Ended up 5 for 7 Kept 3 Kings and a nice Coho. All fish were on either Lemon Ice mag, Carmel Dolphin or Blue dolphin. Sorry can't post pics but am blocked from posting attachments.
  10. There is a $7.00 fee to launch but a nice fish cleaning station at the park and good restroom facilities.
  11. Hit the pier heads at 7 am and started in 40' just north of the piers action steady until we boxed our limit coho's and lake trout were on the menu. Most fish were in 65 to 80 fow north of jean klok park and full core with blue dolphin and green dolphin were getting all the action 2 fish off riggers 45 down green dolphin with lemon ice free slider both fish were coho on the free sliders. No pics forgot the camera and my partner took all the fish home. I didn't have to clean them. All in all a great day out of the joe in a 15' bass boat finally figuring this little boat out.
  12. The Stingfish appears to be an electronic Kwikfish be very careful of speed trolling these as they don't troll well above 2 mph they are a little more forgiving than a flatfish but not much.
  13. The wife and I were out Sunday morning in So. Haven, the lake was supposed to be less than 1 ft according to the National weather service, (lol) the waves were more like 2 to 3' before the storm. My boat is a 15' Mirro Craft deep V and usually handles the water well, we were perch fishing off of Deer Lick Creek in 50 FOW and were getting a few medium sizers, The wife Looked North and saw the front on the Horizon, Pulled anchor and ran for the Harbor, Made it to the boat launch about 3 minutes ahead of the Storm. Any one out on the lake after that had a rough ride.
  14. Mike: I remember the unit you described in fact there was one on the first boat that I fished Lake Michigan in. It was a 21 foot Starcraft Holiday and we tore it up in Manistee. The year was 1970, and the first electric Downriggers were just coming out. Bill Walker knew my friend Nick Lubovich and Nick became a field tester for Walker Down riggers. By the end of 1972 there were 5guys at the Paper Mill that had boats, and I fished nearly every weekend or day off. Nick kept the Fish-n-Tramp at whispering willows marina in St Joe and we could get of an 11-7 shift run over and fish until 1:00 and then go home and get some sleep before going back in at 11:00. In 1979 Nick and I bought a 24' Sea eagle and christened it the SUPERTRAMP. My son Joe got his first Salmon on that boat and he took the helm for the first time when he was 12 years old and did a great job. On the new boat we had a Pelican troll speed indicator, it was similar to any of the impeller type units used today but it attached to the transom of the boat instead of being on a transducer and sent down on a cable. Speed has always been a very important part of the game and with the new systems it is easier to see your speed and to control it. Mike Chamberlin Supertramp
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