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  1. We worked the same area as Mike and results were pretty much the same. Slow bite ended up with 7, 5 of which were Jumbos. As soon as the fog rolled in they shut off. Tough fishing for sure.
  2. Mike, We will be starting in the same area, probably move south from there if nothing going on. WIll stay on 68 also.
  3. Anyone doing good on the perch lately out of St Joe? Heading out in the morning and looking for ideas on starting point. THank you
  4. St joe, 21' of water N and S of the piers has been good.
  5. Ah would love to try and go thursday, but work too busy. I see you live in Portage also. We should try and go sometime

  6. Hit New BUffalo this afternoon for a shott late afternoon trip. Ended up 13-20, all coho mostly south in 15-21' of water. Hot ticket was regular orange flodger with small crinkle fly on large dipsyset at 2 just 12' off the boat. Took 8 of our fish. Remainder of the fish came on a mixture of boards and riggers. Riggers down 5 and 10 feet with an orange hot n tot, boards carrrying 2 colors of lead and orange jointed rap. Great nigh to be out looking forward to hitting it again in the morning.
  7. Perch.

    Head to St Joe, about 3 miles to the north is a big break wall. We absolutley nailed them just slightly south of it Sunday in 20-22' of water. 3 man limit in a about 3 hours plus many more farmed out. Averaged 9" on the keepers, but did get 25 in that mix 10.5 - 11 3/4".

  8. I don't know about Holland, but we did real well in St Joe yesterday, 43' in front of the pump house. Took 63 nice perch before running out of bait. They wouldn't hit cut bait or would have stayed out. Go figure.
  9. What sort of water temps did you have down there today? Debating between Joe and ssaugatuck for tommorow. Thanks
  10. We fished 9-1 also and had an awesome morning. Poor landing % but lots of fish gioing 3 for 10 or so. Fished 25' of water and less south of the piers. Water temp inside south piers ranged 57-59 so we set up there. We were the only boat in that tight so could run 2-3 color lead with J's and blue/green dolphins. Also rigger down 12' with Dolphin took fish. Set lines at 5:30, bite was done when the sun came up.
  11. The line tends to get pinched and then break if you don't run it all out with a standard rod tip.. I run twilli tip on my lead core rods which allows for running a partial core out without creating a pinch point. Mike
  12. 7' light action ugly stick is the way to go for downrigger rod in my opinion. They sit lower in the water and out of the way when chasing fish around the back of the boat with other poles. Especially in a smaller boat. Pleny of strength in the but end to handle the bigger fish also! I have fished drigger rods from 7-10' and like the shortest ones the best. WOuldn't trade my ugly sticks for anything!
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