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  1. Lake Trout are still being stocked, they are the native fish of the Great Lakes, they eat things other than Alewives, they are there for the Native Americans, (Netters) heaven forbid we lose them. Steelhead are also a non native species, they were stocked too. Right now we are decimating the King population, by taking the young that are planted and the natural reproduction fish. My original thought was to at least give the little guys a chance to grow into a decent size fish, but that got shot full of holes.
  2. Thanks for the blanks will take some pics after I get them painted and taped. They look almost exactly like the Pro King spoon.

  3. I work at Galesburg Ford in sales, and we have a Simoniz protection plan that does exterior and interior, protects against UV damage, bird droppings, tree sap and more, interior protection against spills. Its not cheap but it works.
  4. You might want to look at the wave forecast for Sunday, the smallcraft advisory will expire but the waves will recede to 2 to 3 feet and then build back to 4 to 6' in both SH to Holland and Holland North. Be careful, and don't go out in a boat smaller than 23 to 25 foot, with auxillary power and a good VHF for emergencies. This Lake has already taken 2 lives in that region, and is just waiting to take some more. Water temps are too low for survival more than a few minutes.
  5. If you are aware or not the Ideal temperature for Chinook Salmon is around 42 degrees. That is their natural water temperature in the Northern Pacific. The Largest Chinook Salmon in the World come out of those icy cold Alaska and British Columbia streams.
  6. I personally am open to closed seasons, but the Salmon Spawn has been a hit or miss thing the last few years, I am not against anything that will bolster the Salmon return.
  7. I am starting this thread, because this last season was abysmal for Salmon, We had a great year for Lake trout, and Steelhead were awesome. Salmon, in particular Kings have been the bread and butter for Lake Michigan fishermen for over 48 years, and now we are seeing dwindling numbers of mature fish. I would like to propose a size minimum of 24" for Kings and 15" for Coho, this past spring I released at least 40 10" to 12" natural reproduction Kings, and then get to the marina and see a Charter cleaning these same fish. The DNR is not going to plant more fish, we can protect our fishery by putting restrictions on not only numbers, but size too. I regularly Fish in my home state of Oregon, with my brother who has a rig for river and Ocean fishing, they are limited to barbless hooks, and a 24" length. All Non Hatchery fish have to be released. I don't think that is necessary here, but if we want bigger and more fish, we can do a lot to help ourselves.
  8. Yep. Heavy action, I run heavy action Okuma dipsy rods, 8 and 81/2 footers. The only Issue I have had is loose fitting ferrule and 1 reel seat that spun. I use the 8 footers with a twill tip for my wire dipsy's and the 8 1/2 footers for my high divers usually power pro. They are really durable rods. Have not broken a wire rod in 3 seasons.
  9. Any time you want to go out of St. Joe, your are welcome to join us. We fish Tuesdays and Sundays with some holiday weekends spread in there. Not sure when we will splash in 2016, but later than normal as we are having some repairs done first, getting the aft decks re paired, and new bottom paint. PM me here if you want to fish. We do ask for some help with fuel as the boat is expensive to run, we burn about 20 to 25 gallons on a short day inshore, but can burn up to 90 gals. if we run offshore to 200 or more.
  10. Jason: I have been fishing St Joe for 40 years, and I run a big boat 31' Chris, our minimum spread is 12 rods, I have a Chart plotter gps , a big screen graph, Fishawk, and auto pilot. It is not fair to compare. I fish 1 port, and I was at one time a Charter Boat Captain. Now we fish for fun. You do just fine, I would love to have you join us next spring for a day out of the Joe. Jon Marvin was out with me this spring, and Darkmind fishes with me often.
  11. My King and Coho totals were way down, my Lake Trout totals and Steelhead totals were up. We did not get to fish the Brown bite early and only got a couple. My fish per trip count was down too. Last year we averaged 12 per trip this year we struggled to average 7 to 8. We were down from over 180 fish to just 97 for the year. We also did not fish as much. Wasn't on the lake from June 16 to Aug 4.
  12. Sea Foam is a Gas stabilizer, and u should not run it in your crank case. BOAT+ break out another thousand. Take the boat to a qualified Marine Mechanic, you will never regret having your boat serviced properly. It is a safety issue. If you are ever stranded by a failed drive system, you will also want to be a member of BOAT US, they run TOW BOAT, AND THE COST OF A MEMBER SHIP IS LESS THAN 50 BUCKS, A TOW COSTS A MINIMUM OF $500. 1 call and you get towed to the marina. Be safe out there above all. Cutting corners is dangerous.
  13. Sunday was a slow day on the SilverKing, took a young family out, The Tuhacek family and Mike Merling. We left the slip @ 8:30, and fished south to the Dunes. Took 2 Lake Trout, an 11 year old fought the big one, 25# on the pocket scale, and he was stoked. The next was an 8 year old on a kind of team deal on another laker. By noon it was so hot the kids wanted to go swimming, so that ended the day. Monday left the slip @ 6AM and set lines in 75 Fow trolling south into the supposed 1 footers. After we got set up we had a rip on a 10 color, fish took the board under and the backer broke lost the board the fish and the 10 color. right after that we had a rip on a 300 copper, drug in someone else's copper, got their spoon, and a part of a rod. Got reset and deep rigger with a Trash can and spin n glo fired, Nice 6# coho, didn't have that one in the net and another rigger fired, Nice 10# King, Just netted that one and another rigger strike on a Pro King purple ladderback spoon. Reset and turned to go with the waves, and one of the guys got sick. So we pulled lines @ 8:30. Nice temp break down 55, and there is cold water on the botton, 65 down I found 41 degree water. 55 down it was 46 and @ 49 feet it was 55 degrees. I want to thank the Marine forecast for their accurate prediction 1 to 2 turned into 3 to 5.
  14. Call Brian's Marina in St Joe, 269 983 0760. They are really good and when I was slipped in S. Haven they got me right in when my outdrive broke down.
  15. 6:15 am, we did take a 240 off the piers to 75 FOW. And worked out to 85, then North and back toward the piers. Made big circles and picked up fish in all directions.
  16. 6 for 8 out of the Joe this morning. All fish inside of 80', cold water down 60 a perfect 45 degrees. 3 kings all mature fish, 1 coho about 9#and 2 lakers. lake trout on riggers down 58'UV echip 8" paddle with a home tied blue bubble fly., Kings on wire Deeper diver 125, out 150 with modified Blue Dolphin Stingray, the others were on 5 color with Pro King Oil Slick, Marking lots of bait up high, and a lot of fish. Big spoons were the ticket, 10 color and 5 colors of leadcore. No hits on the 300 cu. Good morning for a full moon period.
  17. It looks like the storms will be gone by 6AM, hope you can get out.
  18. Nice job Kevin. Not sure why you are having the tangles, but well done on the Kings Saturday.
  19. John: Welcome to the site, where are you located, and we have guys always open to riders on fishing trips. I personally run a 31' Chris Craft Commander and usually have open seats when we go out. We fish out of St. Joseph. You can contact me here if you are interested we fish most Sundays and Tuesdays, weather permitting. Again welcome aboard.
  20. Some of the best information out there is in Dan Keating's book Keating on Kings. Highly recommend that you look into that. Also Ken Neidlinger made a couple of videos, they are really good for how to looks at fishing all of the species. Not sure if his videos are still available but they were made back in the 80's.
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