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  1. Took my dad out this morning, passed big red about 8:00.nice and calm motored out to 160 and set lines 2 riggers ,2 wire dipseys 1 3color and a 150 copper.Marked a lot of fish around 100 feet down,trolled out to 220 and no takers,turned to head east and at 190 a rigger parked at 80 went 3to 6 pounder on a brads wonder bread.continued east at 175 ft Dipsey with a brads mountain dew fires fish gets into the 150 copper and gone.Now we are not marking much so head back out to 200ft. turn east again and sure enough hit 190ft the other rigger at 110 with a BLLmixed veggie UV. goes 3to 6 pound laker netted.Turned back around to do one more trip east through the 190ft mark and we grabbed another 3to 6 pound salmon on montain dew brads, ended the day at 11:00 and went 3 for 4
  2. Not an expert by any means,I just switched this season to wire and have had some of the same issues.What I was told and have learned is to use a snubber after your dipsey,This will help to give a shock relief upon fish hit.Also the drag set as mentioned above is good just set so your dipsey is held in place it might click out every once and a while is good(don't tighten down like a rigger).Now think about this,When you have a fish on, the wire has no give at all,now the give is coming from the snubber,rod and drag.When the fish runs or pulls hard that will max out your snubber and possibly your poll leaving just the drag to stop from pulling his lips off.It is very hard not to tighten drag on wire because you get such a great feel and fish seem four times bigger when fighting than what they are.I have found it best to leave the drag alone of even loosen it when pulling it out of the holder.This has helped me ,I sometimes forget I fish because I love the fight not how fast i can drag them in. GOOD LUCK!
  3. I switched over to wire this season and love it!! When you get your first fish on it you will not believe the feel of the fish on it,you can feel every little movement.As posted earlier resist the temptation to tighten the drag to soon let them tire a bit first. They also don't seem to be as bad with the sea fleas. Enjoy!!
  4. I think it was a Pro troll .It had a e chip on it. I think thats pro troll that has those.
  5. Took my Retired Dad out fishing for the first time this season,Not much to report,1for1 about 12 to 14 pounder,The good thing was it was on my new wire dipsey 160 ft back. Love this stuff, I grabbed the pole and handed it off,This thing pulled out a 100 ft of line in seconds. You can really feel the fish on this Blood run wire.My Dad got tired and I got tofight fish for a while. Mountain Dew flasher and mountain dew colored Brads cutplug.This was in 110 feet of water just south of the pier heading East. Nice Flat Lake!!
  6. Big Weenie, I love there product but really like the way they give back to the sport by giving good solid helpful advice on what is working where and when..I used one of there vibrating flies alone on 300 copper and caught fish, I love the action of this fly.
  7. Dreamweaver, Modified blue and carmel dolphin have been very good to me on 300 lead and 300 copper.
  8. Sorry I should have stated I am fihing lake Michigan out of Holland.
  9. I have been fishing only about 5 seasons and don't get out near enough.What happens is I am not sure where to start and don't what to over run the fish so I put out lines and start trolling west ,Watching the graph and depth raider for temp. If i get one i will run that depth north or south for a while. What I am slowly getting at is ,Should I troll North west or south west.Is there a givin direction that works best??
  10. I purchased 2 of these last year to try,first time out started fishing at 8 in the morning Not much going so I started trolling for the channel it was about 11 oclock (First one went on rigger) landed that and then the other went on the other rigger. So you guested it I went and purchsed some more. So far not sure what to think,I keep one in the water all the time.most times 6 rods out. The one thing to remember you won't catch any with these if they are in your tackle box. Only been fishing 5 years so still learning,just felt like adding my 2 cents . I am adding wire dipseys this year plan on trying them on there .
  11. Ok guys thanks for the help on the 1000ft of blood run wire on my convectors. Now Should i use a regular rod and replace tip with a twili tip or go with a roller rod?I already have a couple regular okuma rods.Not a Charter boat just go out around 15 to 20 times a year.I take that back I go to the end of the pier 15 to 20 times.Hate when its to wavey to be fun.
  12. Another thought is what I am going to do this spring is to install a solar powered motion light above my boat parking spot at home.Hopeing this my stop some wouldbe gas or equipment thief.
  13. Dave I am trying to remember if Ace in zeeland has Aluminum pieces ,I now you can buy Steel tin pieces up to 3 or 4 feet there(The New store),Also Lowes has some pieces. Don't forget to get to know your companys Maintance staff,They my have scrap pieces or maybe able to help with drilling holes and such.
  14. The outdoorsmen on baldwin st. in jenison has them,just picked up 2 today $8.50 each .They are a buck off at there sale through saturday. I'll give another plug to them ,big fishing sale now through saturday
  15. Kyle Thanks a ton for taking the time to find and post the chart.
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