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  1. gonna have to follow you if i'm gonna have a chance at all! lol!
  2. Blue Dolphin spindoctor with a hypnotist LG fly is a productive combo for me
  3. my 14 year old daughter will be in my boat most weekends it would be cool to see more of the future out there. kids make for a fun day!
  4. i will fish these events when i can for sure!
  5. almost sounds like too many theories and politics in play also. I think it is crazy the way Huron crashed and is directly connected to lake Michigan. I know mother nature is amazing and has powers beyond our scientist brains. I personally would choose Salmon fishing over Lake trout,thats just me. I pray for a solution to these problems. And sorry to offend but the Native Americans rights to net and rape the great lakes needs to be rethought in the court of law.
  6. Thanks for sharing that info! I love this sight and have learned so much from everybody here! THANKS!!
  7. i prefer a stiffer rod than most for my boards,and make sure you are pointing your rod down when bringing them in,love my tx44's they are a great tool.
  8. must be goofed up or something
  9. look at the crazy lake temps this morning 38 at holland and 58 near southhaven near shore.
  10. with the wireless card it's the only website that i cant get to,that i know of .works any other way modem at home,wireless,intranet at work.Baffled!
  11. I prefer a lil stiffer rods for my boards,if your rod is to soft it will bounce more.
  12. my verizon wireless card wont let me connect with my laptop either?
  13. Welcome abaord Andy, It was a fun day!
  14. Can the less action setting be used for a presentation at a slightly higher speed? Gonna have to look and see what happens i guess.
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