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  1. We fished with 14 ft Sea Nymph for 12 years on the big lake. Often fished beyond 150 foot of water. Placed 2 riggers, 2 dipsy and 2 copper rigs on board along with a marine band radio. We caught a lot fish with that set up. Best advice is to think safety. Maintenance up to date on the motor, ensure radio is working and keep a large flash light on board to get the attention of boats that might see you because of the smaller size of your boat.
  2. Ok. We had a gold finch that hung around during one outting when the flies were bad. He would move around the boat picking off the flies.
  3. DispyLand, are you referring to the bird in the picture as the CG drone?
  4. Sheldon was good last night. Great conditions. 4 for 5 from 8:15 to 9. Plugs and moonshine on riggers, copper and lead. 100 to 75 fow.
  5. Fishing was best in the first hour after sunrise. We fought the waves until noon.
  6. Down town there is a launch owned by the ferry boat business. Put your money in the envelope or pay at the counter during business hours. Parking is anywhere on the street. Schultz Landing which is upstream is another option.
  7. We went to Saugatuck instead of the usual PS. 4 for 6. 3 kings on plugs on 1 for 3 on Lakers bounding bottom. 100 to 120 fow.
  8. It is a DNR launch with a park ranger there to collect fees until 5 pm. We often fish from 6 to dark so we never get to see the ranger. This is the first year the lights have not been working.
  9. Does anyone know why the lights are off at Port Sheldon? The parking lot and ramp lights have been off for most of the summer. Makes it tricky to navigate and back the trailer down.
  10. Mr Hook Up. It appears in your pictures that you are using mooching rod and reels. Can give us some info on your set up and how you like the mooching rig?
  11. Ok. You're not from Michigan. What is the story you are hearing from Indiana and Illinois DNR?
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