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Caznik's Bunny Hunting Report

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Well this morning I went out hunting for rabbits in Barry co. with four other guys. Out of five guys we went 9 for 14. The four guys took there 12 gauge shot guns while I happen to take my 20 gauge single shot. I happen to shoot two out of the nine rabbits and had a very good time. I tell you what, hunting for rabbits sure gives your legs a great work out. Well I hope you guys can give a rabbit hunt a try this year.

Good luck,

Caznik ;)

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Nice going Rich. Did ya have a dog or were you just jump shooting them? There is nothing like listening to a hound running a bunny.

No Dog,

We had five guys that when we seen a brush pile we attacked it. The rabbits was so tight and wouldn't move hardly at all. I was walking in a grassy feild and steped on one. I told my buddy to get ready because there is a rabbit under my foot. Three guys got ready and when I lifted my foot the rabbit took off and all three guys missed it. Man did I laugh at those guys. Three guys and I must of herd five shots.



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