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10/20 mi. pheasant hunting


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hey dos any of you guys still hunt pheasant here in mi.

i got to go out with a group of guys that i fish with yeasterday to the todd farm ,witch is a state run farm that is managed for waterfoul and was figuering on just going for a nice long walk and shooting the bull with the guys

but we actualy managed to see some bird

i have not done this in close to 15 years since i stopped going to south dakota and it was a blast

we had 9 flushes that ended up with 3 being roosters and 6 being hens

,not bad for not haveing a dog ,and i shot the only 2 roosters that we got,

1 for the dinner table and 1 to the taxidermist ,and o ya there was close to 40 other hunters on this 2000 acers {of witch you can hunt close to 1400 of becouse the rest is refuge} so it was kinda crowded:eek:


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WTG Terry. Pheasant hunting was one of my favorite things. Wishing I was 30 years younger.

I grew up hunting Pheasants. In the late 50s and 60s I hunted behind two German Short Hair Bitches. Those two dogs were fantastic. Sometimes we would walk the RR tracks and the dogs would work the edges. Sometimes we would get our limit without getting off the RR tracks.:) The good old days.:) I'm afraid my legs wouldn't hold up to brush tramping anymore.:(

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hey frank i here ya , my dad tells me the samething write down to the t

i use to have 4 beagles that i hunted rabbet with about 4 times a week when i was a kid they would also run pheasent ,and but when the got on one ,you had to be write on there heals becouse you never new when it would flush,

like you said ,what it would be like to be a kid again

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