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Spent 4 days at the island . first day fished Fishermans Reef to Rock of Ages Light house. The Reef produced lots of 2-6 lb lakers mostley down about 50 ft in 70 ft of water. Rock of ages it was a little slower over there, but did get a few more lakers the biggest for the first day was 7lbs kept 4 for supper ended up 23 for 31 . Next day was a Blow day 5-8 ft out of NW did manage 2 small lakers before we had to go in at 9.00. 3 ard day the lake laid down to 2 ft rollers so we ran to the head an set up trided deep for an hr then went into 45 ft of water for a while then headed out and started working the 70 ft ledge . Whent over a school of bait fish an dropped riggers to 65ft an BANG fish on a double landed first fish an weighed while they were fighting the other . First fish weighed 23 lbs the second went 18 lbs We were off to a good start for the day. Then one of the lead lines started going , what ever it was stripped the reel and gone. the rest of the day went well wiyh steady action Til the other lead line went. My oldest boy got the pole and he fought that fish for over an hr had about 300ft to go an it went to the bottom an scrubed the leader on the rocks and gone . But ended up for the day with 5 laker from 13- 23 lbs with a total of 11 in the box . Stayed at Grace Island for the 3 nites . The docks are really high now with the low water. Headed out the last morn only to be met by 6-9 ft out of NW again so we ran the 22 miles back to grand Portage. Was a great weekend but with the low water 1 has to be careful around the reefs and even gettig in to the docks. Best lure we had was Fishlander Pink Floyd it took 70 percent of the fish ,lazy ikes on lead lines were great also.:D:D

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