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Fished solo, 80-150 fow. 2 for 2. Small lake trout 3# and a 8.18# steelhead. Most bait and fish were between 120-135fow. Both fish were loaded with bait.
1- lake trout, 3#, 11:33am, 5 eyes lure. on DR, down 100, in 140fow, 2.6 sog. S trl, ball temp 43.6. Alot of big marks down low. I was hoping for something bigger with all those marks. He spit his dinner up during my xfer to the cooler.
2-steelhead 8.18#, 11:57am, burnt bread on a slider on DR, rigger was down 98 in 130 fow, on a S trl.. Nice to see that gleam of the Steelie.
Current was all over the place down deep. Lake was flat. No bites earlier in the am for me.

When I went to pull my boat out, I noticed one of my bunkboards had partially collapsed. This is going to be quite a challenge to repair. Not what I was hoping for at the end of the day.
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I am glad you got a decent steelhead. I haven’t seen a good one yet this season.
Thanks for the report.
Sorry to hear about your boat needing repairs.
Reel Therapy

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Very nice steelhead caught on the deep rigger.  Hope you can figure out an easy means to store the boat while you repair the bunk board on your trailer.  Are you thinking of fixing it yourself or taking it over to someone who can work on it?
It's a venture trailer. No one seems to have the bunks not even the mfg can tell me when they will make them. Can't seem to get a straight answer.Not a good sign. Eastermarine (Delaware) has had them on order for more then a month from Venture trailers.
They are a unique bunk with a 6 degree angle cut at the top to match most hulls.

I'm working with a company to make my replacements, I will see how that goes.These I will make out of oak, not pressure treated pine as were on the trailer. Not cheap! Boat with not be able launch probably for a month or more while waiting trailer bunks.

My back up plan should that fail will be made of the same pressure treated pine I can get at Lowes (4) 10'x8"x3" boards,liquid nails and stainless steel screws or deck screws put them together, cut the angle with my table saw and carpet them, mount them on the trailer while my boats sits at a launch ramp somewhere. Still looking for a spot. To keep it for a few hours so the trailer can be worked on. This is the cheapest by far and quickest, but It will not last the longest. The trailer was built in 2011 so the bunk that failed had a great run. I just waiting to see what works out with the more expensive plan.
But, remember I have two boats so my 16-1/2' will still take me fishing, through I will have to watch the weather closer.

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