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Good friends of ours Ben and Juli came in from out of town for a couple of days to fish and have fun.  With high hopes, we pushed off Fin Warrior at 4:30pm for an evening run.  I had not been out since August 5th and really needed to wet some lines.  Planed out north toward Port Sheldon and set down with a south troll in 130 FOW to give my guests a smooth float.  Ran a 4 rigger (95-108’ down at the ball), 2 dipsey (60-65’ down via Smart Troll) spread.  Had some copper and weighted steel long lines at the ready but the water was just too warm at that depth.  2 ½ hours of no action with just a tip up.  After a complete change-out we had a KGF meat rig and Brad’s cut plug on 11” paddles on the outside riggers down ~95’ at the ball.  At the aft, all white mag spoon on the 12# test line (yes, I was running the spoon give-a-way light line again – this was my back-up rod) and a blue-silver J-plug on SWR 104-108' at the ball.  The dipsey rods were set with spoons, mag 57 Chevy and a holographic mag spoon from the GR Outdoors show.  Just before 8:00pm south of the sliders, I figure we cross over a pod of stacked up kings in 110-105 FOW as we had 4 hits in 25 min.  Brad’s cut plug delivered a 16.5# king.  No sooner we got that rig back in the water and the light line lit up.  We almost got that one to the back of the boat and it came off on a bent hook.  The fish stayed down in the water and never surfaced so it likely was a good size.  Right after that, the meat rig hit and produces a modest 8# king.  And somewhere in all of this, the 57 Chevy dipsey got a drive by hit.  We turned around trolling north to try to recapture that magic and had one bite about 9:00pm on the other outside dipsey but never got the fish to the boat.  No hits after the sun went down.  Ben landed the big king for the evening.  Juli had the misfortune of a big strike miss on the light line.  Data below.


# Time Fish FOW Latitude Troll Rod Bait Depth Bait
1 7:52PM King 16.5# (N) 110 42o44.300' S DR 96B Brads Cut Plug - Lucky Charm
2 8:09PM Miss 105 42o43.450' S DR 104B Mag White Spoon
3 8:16PM King 8# (N) 105 42o43.400' S DR 94B KGF Meat Rig
4 9:01PM Miss 98 ? N Dipsey 63 Mag Holographic Gold/Green Spoon




Bens King 8-25-23.jpg

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I’ve had times where I’ve had room with the number of crew to set extra lines even though it’s ridiculous, then hit a fish on a seven color when the beak is down 70’.  You never know…

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