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Took the boys out for our shake down trip Friday night and Saturday am. We started Friday at the Peer heads and headed South, Trolled to a bit North of in the Power Plant zigzaging from 25-50 fow. One Coho came on a Dippsey set up in 28 fow with a water melon spoon. Started Sat. am at the power plant and went South. Never did find a pattern or school of fish but, we did manage 2 more Coho and this nice Laker. (released) IMG_2953.jpg

The laker was on the bottom in 45 fow. Coho where on a husky Jerk off the board w/ 2.5 core. we also picked up this Hitch Hiker who badly needed a break after flying across Lake Michigan.


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We did not check the temp, Two of the fish did come on body baits with, 2.5 core off the planer, Both had Husky Jerks in patterns that kinda matched a smelt. The Coho where small in the two pound range. With such nice weather we fished from 8am till 2 pm sat.


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