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I did an unofficial non-scientific count on this forum and another forum and here are the spoons that caught the most fish: 

1.(7 times) Dreamweaver blue dolphin and rv bl dolphin.
2. (5) Moonshine (MS) bloody nose.
3. (5) MS Bad Toad RV
4. (5) MS Raspberry carbon and RC rv. (Rasp C caught record 46 or 48 pd king last yr)
5. (4) MS green flounder
6. (4) MS dancing anchovy.
All with 3 times on list:
Flea 4 All by Fuzzy Bear Lures
MS 5 eyes
MS Green knight
MS wonderbread
MS blue jeans.
Notice a pattern here? Moonshine glow spoons almost all. We always have a bloody nose and blue jeans rv down.
And, some non glo  that that I use a lot:
Bl or gr dolphin
Carmel dolphin
Double or crush
Bl or gr mixed veggies
Jagger bomb
MS flounder pounder
Rasta goose (gold in spring); silver later
Gr toad w/white back (spring)
Jordo n gold Jordo
MS happy meal
Whammy (by Warrior, this is usually down mid morning)
NBK , aka nat born killer 
Any one called alewife: gr, pk, etc.

Very few guys post reports, so results could be skewed, but gives a good idea.
And, when none of the above don’t work I look in my boxes for stuff they haven’t see in a while. Lol.

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I was talking with some fishing buddies about this as well not too long ago. It definitely seemed to be the year of the spoon on the Michigan side of Lake Michigan. Our best seemed to always be Moonshine Dancing Anchovies RV and Moonshine Mongolian Beef RV. I catch myself running mostly RV now later in the season instead of the regular glow Moonshine. Seem to have better results and certainly able to leave them in the water longer. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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You didn't mention the spoon size other than Mag. Did the larger spoons (i.e mags) attract more or less bites than the standards? Liked you data survey.

I have noticed an oddity in my spoon box, is whenever I buy more than two of the same spoon it almost never gets bit again under any conditions. I guess some fish never like seeing the same thing twice and others can't get enough of it.

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