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What a difference a week makes! Went 6 for 6 last night near Whitehall last night. Took an all women excursion out with wife, daughter, niece, sister in law and mother in law. Wow, lots happening.

Set lines at 6pm fished until sun went down. Water had flipped. 56 at surface leaving peer. Went out to 100ft. Set lines. Fishawk said 45 ft down was 42 degrees. So, I Set everything up shallow. Didn't do much on dipseys. I had them in range but tried flasher flies. Seemed to like 2.3/2.4 on speed. Of course it's always about course direction and current.

#1) 4lb laker first on high diver out 120 #3 (yellowtail spoon).

#2) 15lb king 6 color w/NBK standard spoon

#3) 7lb king 150 copper w/green flounder pounder spoon mag

#4) 23lb king 8 color w/NBK mag

#5) 5lb king rigger way out back 30' down w/Shelly Snack spoon mag

#6) 8lb king 150 copper glow winderbread rv.

Hardly had any pauses. Lots of laughing and reeling. I actually reeled in my first fish of the year. It felt good!






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