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Took some neighbors/friends out looking for the evening bite.  I was too busy managing the gear and entertaining to keep up with the catch log.  Set lines half way between Holland and Port Sheldon in 130FOW @ 5:45pm marking small bait pods 30-40' down once again but could not get anything to go.  Fearing skunk, pushed out past 200FOW in very flat water.  The fish finder was very silent on the way out to deeper water.  Three small boats were beyond 200FOW to the North and one to the South.  We had 5 baits between 45-65' above the thermocline and on one below at 77'.  Our first hit came in 220FOW on the full lead core line.  I did not coach up my neighbor on how best to get a board to the boat and we lost it somewhere in the fight.  In 224FOW the same rig got bit again and this time we got the board to the boat, off the line and landed a nice Steelhead (pic below).  The lure was featured on a previous post but I don't remember who to give the credit too.  Reset both dipseys a bit higher with SH favored spoons.   Stinger Green Veggie UV, 2-set, 44' down took two hits over the next 30 minutes between 228-224FOW.  One shaker we sent back to grow big and the other strike got off.  Pulling lines in 188FOW a SH hit the SWR deep line after it was popped from the release however, it got caught up in another line we were bringing in and it came off.  Janet said it jumped twice but I never saw it as I was putting gear away.  Radio reports were in the small numbers from a couple of other boats out deep.

I updated my profile to include our boat name and sit on channel 68 for future contacts.  Cheers!






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