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What is the Oddest Thing you have caught? My buddy hooked.....


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Beach towel.

On a half core.

In a tournament.

I was already spending the big fish side pot while some poor crew member was winching it it.


Really expensive bra in the Grand River trolling for steelhead.  Just happened to be my wife's size.  She still has it.


Chunk of denim on the hooks after fighting a plug free from a snag on the Kalamazoo.  Nothing to see here...

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I might have already reported this.

Two years ago Bob and I were musky trolling in Lake of the Woods.  We both let out our Jakes at the same time close to Forest Island. Suddenly Bob’s line rose to the sky , followed by mine. We looked up and there was a bald eagle struggling in the air with a Jake in each talon. We reeled it in and Bob put on his leather gloves. The bird was somehow placed on its back on the water and this seemed to calm it  down. Bob grabbed a pliers while I held a paddle between him and the bird’s beak. Carefully the bird was released to half swim/ fly to Forest where it perched itself on the highest tree. Bob and I continued to troll.

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