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  1. I tried the closest spot to my house on the Wisconsin River, which is still over an hour drive, but not super bad like going to the Wisconsin Dells. Either way, I put the smackdown on the fish! It was a great day.
  2. Orangespotted Sunfish! So tiny! So pretty! My son and I both got a lifer on this trip.
  3. Went up north to Big Island Lake in Oconto County (northern Wisconsin) and went fishing with an old friend. The lake was really weedy, but it did have a couple deeper areas. I took the kayak into the deeper areas and worked the deep weed edge with a variety of things like swimbaits, jerk minnows, and the Ned Rig. It worked. Several nice bass caught and some pike.
  4. The pike went nuts for this surface lure. I'm talking airborne. Check it out.
  5. A very surprising catch with a very tiny jig. It kinda ruined my jig, though.
  6. Made my way through some thick brush to fish two different swamp ponds for bass. Also ran into some friendly raccoons.
  7. Was up north in Bayfield County and went fishing for big smallmouth. I found 'em and a lot of other fish species, too.
  8. Had a great kayak adventure down a very clear river and hooked into some bluegill, carp, smallmouth bass, and a big ol' bowfin!
  9. I forgot a float, so I used my floating sunglasses as a float for float fishing.
  10. There's a small spring fed creek kind of close to my home that has brook trout, but to get back in there where there's some fishable water is a challenge. I found 'em though!
  11. Had a great day chasing anything that would bite on the Wisconsin River. Big smallmouth, huge bowfin. It doesn't get much better than this day.
  12. The Roughfish Tournament each June is where you target any freshwater fish species (micros don't count). There are 251 eligible species according to their website. I hit up my local creek to get started catching some different species of fish.
  13. A cool thing happened the other day. I was actually trying to catch gizzard shad for a roughfishing tournament, but I ended up catching some baby king salmon. The next day I went out trolling for kings and coho. We went 3 for 9. The Coho are huge this year.
  14. Just was fishing for alewife in the Port Washington Harbor in Port Washington, WI for a fishing tournament, and I caught a brown trout. It was little and I was using a Sabiki Rig, but they are in or around there right now (the cold water is in the harbor because of the wind). I cyber stalk a fishing guide and saw him jigging and he posted on his instagram a big brown.
  15. Tried to catch every type of fish that swim in this swampy lake. Went fishing for pumpkinseed, bluegill, black crappie, bass, and pike.
  16. I'm a teacher, and there's enough light for about an hour of fishing before the last day of the school year. Time enough to catch some smallmouth out of the river!
  17. Went to a river that holds muskies and fished for them like I was fishing for bass. I was tossing around a five inch swimbait. I also did catch a nice smallmouth and some really big rock bass.
  18. I started ice fishing a particular lake a lot this year, and caught zero crappie on it. This spring I caught a 14 1/2 inch crappie there twice, but I think it was the same fish (caught it on two different trips). I went back with a beetle spin to try and catch crappie because I think they might have all been fished out (there were plenty of other ice fisherman on this lake at times and some had Panoptix).
  19. The bass and pike were in shallow. Used a swimbait and dragged it over the weeds to catch a bunch of pike and bass.
  20. I took this thing from my son's Mystery Tackle Box called the Zuchi Bug and went bass fishing with him. It worked quite well, but it got tore up.
  21. The pike were really feisty on opening day!
  22. They stock the mill pond in my town with Rainbow Trout ever spring. I fished upriver and downriver for them and caught some on my $1 lure.
  23. I set a PB last week catching a 14 1/2 inch Crappie. This week I caught another 14 1/2 incher, but I think it might have been the same fish! Either way, it was a good day of fishing.
  24. Spring has been tough. I found a window of opportunity to fish (about two hours) where I could battle the wind and fish a swamp lake in Wisconsin. I was rewarded!
  25. Went to a Lake Michigan Tributary, the Root River in Racine and fished for Longnose Suckers. Found a few was well as some trout.
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