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  1. The boys and I made our annual trip to the Wisconsin Dells, and we caught a bunch of sturgeon. A lot of other fish were biting, too.
  2. Rooster tails in a creek are deadly! Plus, I hit 10K subs. Cool beans.
  3. Surprise catch on a piece of cut up shiner.
  4. I tried my luck on the Mukwonago River (Wisconsin) in what was my first ever attempt at microfishing. I wanted to catch a logperch. I think I was using things that were too big, though. I did catch a variety of species, and did manage to see a logperch as well.
  5. Had a family picnic on the big river and put the kids on some fish, even in the shallows.
  6. I love bowfin. They are such an amazing prehistoric fish. Some largemouth bass got in the way (that's what I call a good problem) when I was trying to catch a bowfin, but I found them.
  7. My best largemouth caught between storms!
  8. 16 minutes of (almost) unedited fishing on a calm morning in a pristine secret lake.
  9. I hit the creek with what I though would be an impossible challenge, but it went really well.
  10. Using a Kalin's Tickle Tail in creeks, lakes, and rivers. Caught five different species of fish including a nice creek smallmouth.
  11. It was an absolute battle to get to this lake/pond - It doesn't have a name on the map. I dragged my kayak through cattails and swamp for over an hour, but it was worth it. There were some good fish in there!
  12. A student of mine (I'm a middle school teacher), made his own lure design and 3D printed one for me. I took it to the pond to try and catch something with it. It worked surprisingly well.
  13. Went on a fishing charter with Playin' Hooky out of Sheboygan and the fish were biting. We limited out, but surprisingly for June, we caught a lot of big kings. The bite didn't start until 6 am, but then they were biting consistently until 11 am. No crazy hot spots, just consistent fish the whole trip. It was amazing. I'll be eating salmon for a long time! We went 15 for 17, and most fish were caught around 125 feet of water. They were biting flasher flies and spoons. The hottest color was green. If you're looking for a charter, I'd highly recommend Playin' Hooky. Great guide and first mate, and a really nice 38 foot boat.
  14. In the spring, some of the big smallmouth will run up the Great Lakes tributaries to spawn. We targeted those fish on this trip, and landed several of them! Pike and perch were also biting. We were specifically fishing in the Peshtigo River. There were a lot of muskie fishermen on the river, too. They said Saturday was a hot bite, but Sunday, they didn't catch much of anything.
  15. In the spring, some of the big smallmouth will run up the Great Lakes tributaries to spawn. We targeted those fish on this trip, and landed several of them! Pike and perch were also biting.
  16. We were fishing for lake run longnose suckers. They only can be caught in the river for a week or to, and then, they're gone, back to the depths of Lake Michigan. We caught them on the fly, too!
  17. It isn't official because I forgot the bump board, but I caught a really nice black crappie.
  18. Caught my personal best brown trout in Milwaukee on a spinner. Such a pretty fish and this one was a big one!
  19. My son and I had an unbelievable fishing experience when we got to fish on a raft in the Wolf River last week.
  20. The Walleye Run has just begun on the Wolf River in Wisconsin, but what was really surprising was the fact that lake sturgeon, Mega huge prehistoric river monsters, will bite a little worm on the bottom and take you for the ride of your life.
  21. Had to work for this one. I put in a lot of walking around on big piles of rip rap casting crankbaits for hours and hours, but it was worth it. I was in the Port Washington Harbor.
  22. It was a good way to end the season...
  23. I don't have a boat to target the big salmon and trout in Lake Michigan, but I do know they come into the harbors in the winter and early spring. We were walking around the sea walls and caught four brown trout this weekend in Port Washington.
  24. Was testing out a new reel and had one on just as a tip-up went off!
  25. Ice fishing for panfish, but I put my underwater camera by my cutbait in hopes of getting a bowfin to bite. Lots of fish swam around the cutbait. It was a cool idea. I just wish one of them bit.
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