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Fished between Holland and Saugatuck from 5:00 to 8:45pm between 110 to 170 FOW.  Only action came between 125-140FOW after 7:30pm.  Went 1-3 boating a 8lb king.  Two long lines @ 10' and 22' down set for steelhead to my surprise did not get touched.  Deep SWR run between 65-80' with spoons and a Brad's cut plug inked with bloody tuna oil resulted in no action as well.   Downrigger 50-55' down after subtracting out blow back rigged with a Michigan Stinger killer green (similar to NBK but green on both edges) about 50' back off the ball took the king and had another release soon thereafter but came off with one head bump.  Dipsey 3-set about 40-45' down with a copper/gold spoon + red witchcraft tape (something I gave new life to in the off season) had a great rip and a short lived fight until the hook bent and the fight was over.   The king had one big alewife inside.  Marked some balls of bait fish between 50-70' down.  Great night to be out and the flies where very infrequent :). 

Fin Warrior

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