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Pere Marquette lk Ludington gton 08/27 am & pm

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Lk mich had 4-5 ft waves , went to P.M. lk to troll , lk is full of Fish screen always has at least 5-10 fish on , they were not easy to get to bite though 9:15 finally got one to go on downrigger Down 20 plus what the Ace hi green splatter back dives , 25 mins later my friend Denny lands a 31.38 lb KING- Salmon - Tyee , an hour later wire diver goes on a big run , fish made 2 more big runs , drag singing then snap , wire line broke , don’t know if there was nick in wire or what drag was working well , but he was gone and diver, paddle and meatrig gone. Took Denny’s fish to capt Chucks got weight pictures , lunch at Ludington Bay Brewery ! Back out at 6 pm troll through the constant marks until 8:15 wire diver fires yellow splatterback Ace Hi plug by Silver Horde is singing drag 15 mins later after many runs we finally get the KING in net 24.60 lbs wed was a bust as wind and waves made boat handling impossible in my 18 ‘ Tyee , great trip and I got a Tyee for my boat and my Great Friend Denny who is in Capt Chucks 30 lber club!


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