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South Haven 8/2 - 3 for 10

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Started out early 6:00 ,and went North to 120 FOW but never got a hit 'til 8:00 in around 150'

Couple of mystery hits on the sliders, but at least got the feel of them before they slipped off.

Finally got a nice (10lb) steelhead (on the slider) another one (little smaller) on the wire diver, and a throw back laker on the rigger (95 feet down)

My first time trying sliders and I was impressed by the action. I here you can count on losing them from time to time and even thought I was right there to start reeling fast they still managed to get free.

Most hits were on the sliders but one on the wire and one on copper that were HEAVY. My drags must be sticking. One liked to nearly break the rod but yanked himself loose. The other pulled like hell until copper gave loose at the backing (knot?)

I set one rigger up with greens, and one with yellows. Flies/paddles on the divers One blue on blue, and one green on green. The big boy on the copper took a green dolphin.

Lead core came up empty that day.

150-160 FOW and speed was bouncing around with the currents, but average of 2.5


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If you are using Okuma reels the “sticking” is the factory drags that come with the reels. They pack them full with grease assuming you’ll be in saltwater. Go buy the tuna Tom carbon fiber replacement drags. Easy install with no grease. Best money you’ll ever spend.

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Single hooks don't lever themselves out like trebles do. If a fish gets slack (which is highly probable on slider rigs), they stay embeded in the fish's mouth. Hooking percentage might actually go down with singles, but landing percentage will go up once a fish is hooked.

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Good discussion. Excellent points and tips.

Copilotman: I remain convinced that you are the best fisherman of your age on the East side of the lake.

Salmon guys out West always change out the factory hooks with great siwash salmon hooks, and sharpen them continuously (as do I).   Also add a good swivel to the end of the spoon off the split ring. Why? Because the siwash hooks penetrate properly all the way through the flesh like an arrow, and the swivel takes away the fish's ability to leverage the hook out. 

Have caught way too many fish with the siwash/swivel on spoons to do otherwise. The hook set is always all the way through the fish's mouth (even through the bony parts).  Image result for siwash hooks with swivels on spoons

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