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We fished 90 to 100 fow Friday a little south. We were hoping for some silver fish but with them being rare lately, we put 2 divers and 1 rigger dragging on bottom for lk trout. They were the only rods that worked. Chrome spin doctors and chrome and green wirly gigs took 6 trout, with 2 nice ones.

Sunday we decided to go way offshore with 2 other boats looking for salmon and steelhead. We ran west 12 miles and then set up on a west troll from there.  We trolled to the 53 line west and 50's south and hit 3 fish getting 1 nice king.  We lost a steelhead and another fish we didn't see. The elusive king came on a Kevin's girlfriend spin doctor and pickled sunshine fly on a 1-1/2lb out 150ft. The other boats with us got 4 lk trout on 1 and a steelhead and a lk trout  on the other boat.  We hoped to find a nice pod of fish offshore but didn't.  It was a long ride back to port. Hope more kings show up soon.




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