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1 for 3, 1 spit the hook out 50 ft from boat, other just as I was slipping the net under him. Need to sharpen my hooks now, lost to many lately.


1/2 11.13# king, on DR with  UV blue dolphin std, 45ft lead, 2.5 sog, west direction, 49.3 [email protected], ball depth 105 in 133 fow. Surface temp was 68.9,  0-1' waves picked up a little later.


0/1 on DR with black pearl V-neck mag MS


Counted 8 alewifes from this one 135-140 was hitting today. Tough loss day for my 3 lures.20190701_130515.thumb.jpeg.b419656bb20d7a8961640c2b02964c77.jpeg20190701_130030.thumb.jpeg.2d1c00667024e32d986b72f9e28b658e.jpeg1561820871192.thumb.jpeg.af957ab82a8af3bf5b8d9e86ce8c7334.jpeg


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I feel your pain with the lost fish...Saturday we ended up 1/4 and the one that made it in the net was a small throw back king!

the 3-lost were solid strikes and the fish  hit hard, but only stayed buttoned for a short time.

I know one of the lures was fresh out of the package and stuck in my finger (1/2 NBK spoon)


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