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Went 2/4 last night out of Holland.  Started NW of the pier in 180.  Worked out to 200 and then back in to 100 over the evening.  Marked 80% of the fish in the top 50 feet of water.

  • Lost a mid teens King when I knocked it off with the net.  65 down, rigger, mag blue dolphin, 190'
  • 8 pound king.  50 down, rigger, mag blue dolphin, 170'
  • Lost something on 300 copper, silver/red nose j-plug, 165'
  • 5 pound king.  30 down, rigger, mag moonshine flounder pounder, 135'

Beautiful night on the water.  Lake was perfect.  Buddy's son who had just returned home from college came out with us and caught his first fish.  Really good night.


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