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These are great for storing spoons, stick baits and other lures.

Tested and approved by Captain Rick Pecci , Dreams Come True Charters.

They are a great way to display, store and fish your lures as shown by the pictures attached.

You can sort your lures by brand, size, color, etc. You can "shop" your lures while fishing. 

Allowing you to better plan your next lure change.

These are made by fisherman for fisherman in the USA.

Pads consist of sealed foam sheet, with wood stiffener and UV safe plastic cover.  Cover protects hands from hooks.

STANDARD REGULAR LURE HOLDER, single sided, 24" x 16.5" = $35.00 each

MAGNUM SIZE LURE HOLDER, single sided, 36" x 16.5" = $45.00 each 

WALLEYE, DRIFT BOAT SIZE, double sided, 24" x 9.5" = $25.00 each


Canadians please call or email me to sell if wean work together to get you what you need.

Call or text me (315-825-5848), email [email protected]

I take PayPal, Money orders or bank checks.  IN A HURRY?  I usually have your order in stock and can ship same day as PayPal payment.  Most orders are1-3 days USPS ship.

New York Sales tax applies to NY sales.

Remember   "Quality is remember after price is forgotten"

Lures NOT included,  80 spoons shown on picture 1

cockpit view.jpg



2 sided walleye - drift boat.jpg

STANDARD 24 X 16.5.jpg

MAGNUM 36 L' x 16.5 H.jpg

standard and walleye size.jpg

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I dont  like to store my lures by hanging the hook into something . Is that what this does ? Also not keen on storing them in the sun. It will dull the paint many manufacturers use and for sure kill some glow paints. That said yes the do look cool and appear very well made , at a good price. Good luck.

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Thank you for your review of my add.  Yes, I hang the lures on a foam pad by the back hook.  As for paint fading I use a UV stabilized plastic to help prevent this.  If this really concerns you these can be stored in your cabin.

It all started with the carpeted panel behind the helm on my buddy's boat.  It was a great place to hang lures (spoons especially) when fishing.  It was the go to place where all the lures that were catching fish went.  The problem was that you couldn't just take it down and put it in the cabin when finished.  It also didn't protect your hands from the hooks.  My holders started as a way to solve this problem.  I found that we used one on each of our boats and would take ours with us when fishing another boat.  Captain Pecci had a habit of filling each pad to the maximum.  My standard 24" x 16.5" will hold over 80 NK-28 size spoons in 3 rows.  I added the wood doweling to support this extra weight.  Now he has over 30 of these and doesn't use tackle boxes in his boat.  Just last year Rick gave me back the first 3 pads I made for him.  Besides being a little dirty, they were fishable.  Remember "quality is remembered when price is forgotten"

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I don't think so.  I typically don't over lap my spoons.  For example my Original 24" L x 16.6 H size easily holds 3 rows of standard (NK-28) size spoons for a total of about 80/pad. If I were to add magnums i'd delete a row.  Ex all magnums 2 row's  (see bottom left picture). john Brichard's boat

I have lots of Charter Boat Captains who use my product.  If you get a chance check out "Lake Ontario United" website Classified. I have lots of Captains commenting on my product,


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  • attitude adjuster big al changed the title to BIG AL'S LURE HOLDERS FOR SALE AT FAT NANCY"S PULASKI NY, CHARTER CAPTAIN'S FAVORITE

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