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TEAM KICK'R Hammond, IN 4/14-15

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We fished the ship canal Friday after work, but the weather cut our trip short. We had lines in the water for about a hour and a half before having to pull them and run from a storm, but we did manage to get a brown and a coho and miss a few before we pulled lines. Saturday we made the decision to head to the gong for lake trout as we had a first time Lake Michigan angler on the boat and wanted to be sure to get him some nice fish. We got a few trout in the morning, but actually got a decent coho bite going out there. The lake trout came on smoke and chrome dodgers and ITO trout candy near the bottom. The coho came in the top 15ft of the water column on flatlines behind Church Tackle walleye boards, leadcore, and braid divers with a mix of spoons and body baits. Our hot spoons continue to do damage with Michigan Stinger Spoons UV mixed veggie being on fire for the coho,but not far behind are the migas touch and pink panties all three of these spoons have been great for our spring coho on divers and riggers in the top 15ft. We fished 35-55 fow near the gong and picked away at the coho after the lake trout shut off. We ended up with 8 coho,1 steelhead, and 4 lake trout we also lost quite a few fish and actually missing our first two bites of the day. We had a great time and it sure was great to get a first timer out on the big lake to experience the great fishing we have and to see his excitement when he was catching fish! We are looking forward to our first big tournament of the year next weekend to kick off our tournament swing of 5 tournaments in a row we can't wait!7d350116145667b75ca538cf824de793.jpgfdfd96b8f7300f7465d7ad7981cb7c65.jpgcebf46a88dadd121e0ce3789f6947059.jpg40211c82377b537194edac8bcc572c4a.jpg03e146be8331a9de8c011813404df6d9.jpg48ee3013c4454058cbf83afca7b26f23.jpg17459630264337c3b66f9cc75300586f.jpg4bb118956c1662a2bc1aae248bdc2f2c.jpg



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