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need help fishing moonshine casting spoons


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Alot of my freinds are showing me pictures of multiple steelhead they are getting off the piers now. Sometimes 2 in half hour. I ask them what they are using, they say casting spoons. Moonshines 3/4 oz to be exact. Thats all fine and well. i own 20 plus moonshine spoons but for some reason i cant get a fish to hit them for the life of me! i stand on the piers chuck them out wait for them to hit bottom then i simply retreive in. I tried reeling SLOW till i got bottom then i tried speeding up retrieve till i thought it was reeling to fast for the fish? tried 8 hours chucking and chucking nothing!!!!!!!!!!. Am i doing something wrong? anyone with experience on how to fish moonshine casting spoons please help me!!!! need easy to understand advice.
Heres what i tried... bought a moonshine 3/4 oz as is in package. shaped like a KO. i added a number 7 simple black snap swivel to it to minimize line twist. I left the treble on it came with. Casted it out at various locations off a peir. Casted straight across the peir where the fish enter casted off to each end of piers lake side etc, in all instances id wait till my line went slack indicating im on bottom then i simply reeled in steady. did that for 8 hours straight NOTHING! is that the wrong way to fish the moonshine 3/4oz? should i be twitching my rod tip every few secs during the retreive? should i not let the spoon hit bottom before i reel in? how do i fish these dam spoons? Im new to harbour/pier fishing moonshine spoons. Please help me out

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Are your friends fishing a different pier than you? The water is still a tad warm here. Fishing is just going to be hit and miss until its cools down more. Certain ports get hot while others are slow.

I hardly ever let my spoons hit the bottom. I don't like to lose spoons. Not only do you want to play with how fast you reel in the spoon. You also want to play with how long you let it sink before you start to reel it in. Fishing next to someone who knows what they're doing and mimicking what they're doing will help you probably more than anything.

You need to go fishing with your friends and watch exactly what they do. Also, look for blood on the pier you're fishing. See if you see any signs of anyone else catching fish.

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If the water is clear I run my spoons high and fast. If the water is dirty I go deep and slow. Watch the tip of your rod to see if the lure is "working" should have a slight pulse as you retrieve. I have a few different retrieves that I use and experiment back and forth till something works. Sometimes I like to jig the spoon by casting out and letting it sink and slowly jigging up and down as I bring it back. My favorite spoons for steelhead are orange and gold. When I fish the pier I usually have a couple set rods with bait. Then I walk back and forth casting spoons or count downs or maybe try to catch some bait with a sabiki rig.

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Thanks a lot!! Gonna try this. Want to get a fall steelhead. I heard the 2/3 oz Cleo work good off piers for bows and browns. Yet I saw a 2/3 oz Cleo (the size down from the monstrous 3/4oz size) and the 2/3 oz looked huge. Long and wide. Not sure how a bow can hit one considering steelhead got small mouths

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