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Kicker steering

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I have an ez steer and it works great. However... if you can figure out a way to mount them, and the right rod length for your setup, all an ez steer is is 2 female quick connect air fittings, one connected to each motor, and 2 male air fittings, on a tie rod type swivel, attached to the rod.

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I went from the EZ-steer to the python remote controlled steering system.  I wanted to go to autopilot, but no option ended up being feasible for my boat.  So I went to Python and have been using it all summer.  I do a lot of solo outings...works great, I can steer remotely with the wireless FOB.  It also works well with a duo on the boat.  Both crew can work the back of the boat with no-one in the pilot seat.  I'm glad I made the change!!!  Cost a little over $700.00



Panther also makes a similar system



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