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Late report out of pentwater 7-11-15

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Fished out of Pentwater last Sat. sorry for the late report.This was my first trip for the year so technically you could call it a shake down cruise with my Family. We were up at our cabin on vacations so we spent a day out on the lake. We go out at 11:00 AM and fished until 5:00 pm. Water at the plume was 56 degrees.

Set up in 90 fow straight out as the wind was out of the northwest with lake around 1 to two foot witch was not bad but had a real strong sw current . Temp was 52 on the surface. From there we trolled w sw to 200 fow water, Marked no fish. kept going all the way to the stick temp dropped to 50 at 200. marked no fish. from the stick headed back in to 80 fow and finally marked a single fish. know hit. trolled back north off of the dunes marked another fish. no hit. also marked NO bait fish. at 4:00 pm my family was hungry so we started pulling lines and my daughter hooked up on a 5 lb laker while reeling in full core with ss easter egg. So we ended up 1 for 1. on the way back in on Pentwater lake we marked a lot of big schools on bottom. schools being Perch. looked like the guys fishing them were doing well.

Was a beautiful day for the most part. Just no fish. Charters were going out to 300 fow water to catch steelhead and doing ok. not great, but getting a few for there clients. wanted to add we ran a 12 rod set up. 1 color,2 color, half core, full core, 300 copper, wire divers and 2 rigger. ran flashers/fly, spoons, plugs even threw a few oldies out, Grizzly spoon and needle fish along with fast trolling a few old KC spoons. in other words everything that has caught fish the last 30 years.


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Went 7/9 last night! Best trip of the year for me so far. Lots of steelhead right in front of the dunes. Divers, riggers, copper and lead. Oranges and greens. All on spoons but one lil king on a meat rig.

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