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what loads do you use with your mzl and why??

I use a cva v2 mzl and shoot 3 50 gr pellets of t7 with a 250 gr slickload from cva. I just like the groups I shoot with this combo. I did open up the flash hole just a little to get a better flash to the t7 pellets. so I get some blowback and gets the breach area pretty dirty, but it cleans up good with just a damp cloth.

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I shoot 130 grains for Blackhorn 209 with a Thompson Center 200 grain Shockwave bullet in a Thomson Center Omega inline. No problem holding a 6 inch group at 200 yards. The velocity is very close to a 308 centerfire rifle. The great thing with the Blackhorn powder is you clean with normal cleaning solvents, it cleans fast and the barrel is protected when you are done. I have also shot as many as 40 rounds with out cleaning in between and still have no problem loading the tight fitting Shockwave bullets. The powder burns extremely clean and does not leave a powder ring in the barrel. The powder is the best thing I have found for an inline muzzle loader it does cost a little more than other black powder replacements.

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