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8-15-2014 Saginaw Bay Walleye

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The weather here has been rough but It finally settled down enough to venture out on the bay. My last trip was Sat almost a week ago. I fished with Bobby, Karl M, and JJ, and we iced 20 walleye on a slow bite after the blows. 1.5 MPH with 2 oz BB off the boards and 3 oz off the down rods. Our best spinner colors were a glow chartreuse tiger pattern, A hammered pink copper, Chrome and red. The down rods did the most damage accounting for about 1/2 the fish. Two rods against 10. Karl has fished with me a number of times but it was a first for Bobby and JJ. The newcomers got with the program fast so I stayed on the helm most of the time and let them catch the fish. I did go back to stretch my legs once and saw one hit the port down rod. We only had one throwback and no trash.:)



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Nice job Frank, you mentioned your down rods before .i guess I m not sure what that set up is.can you describe that and show a picture of that setup?

No picture needed. I just run a rod straight out both sides with a 3oz BB and no board. Fishing like we did in the old days. I keep the rod flat and parallel with the water similar to the way a salmon fisherman runs a Dipsy. Nothing special except the catches. :)

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