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  1. Nice job Frank, you mentioned your down rods before .i guess I m not sure what that set up is.can you describe that and show a picture of that setup?
  2. Good job Frank. tough conditions ,well done .
  3. took the grandsons and wife out of sebewing. started at 14 but ran to 24' then to 30.setup with in lines @ two Oz back 45-50 pulled at 1-2,-1.8. found that the blues were dewing good, anti freeze good also. bugs galore ,with low to no wind. 5 shorts, 13 in the box, four loss at the net .huge 12# cat .what a ball kids where having great time. root beer and ice cream soon after. pics later. Tom:)
  4. Tim ,Linwood is a good jump point to great fishing on the west side .run out about 4miles get to that 22plus ft water troll n or s set up with some two oz inlines run them back 45'

    An set up that speed to 1.2-2 with some harness or worm burners try root beer color or anti freezer or purple ,blue and white also.there smashing good Wally every where.

    Tom, yes I should be around ,I"ll be getting ready for walleye for warriors event an doing a little pre fishing when I can.sat an sun.call me anytime .I don't mine letting you know what's been getting fish.good luck ,fill that box with some tasty fish.1 989 670 2132

  5. Just have to love June. there catching walleye everywhere. I think the lake has about foot and a half more water ,thank you mother nature. Sebewing channel was good and I only seen one spot 3'8 on run out an in. fish are being caught in 14' right out to the slot and also at the channel in 20-32'.in a few short hours we were able to be full. using two oz inlines with crawler harness color didn't matter. pulled at 1.2-2 and back 45'.blue and antifreeze was working and we never dropped a stick bait at all. the next three to four weeks will be a ball ,come one and all for a good time on sagnaiw bay. TOM
  6. Drill a small hole like .125" in the corner of the top on each side opposite each other and spray your pb blaster or other thin penetrator oil in and giver a few days slap it with your four pound hammer in between.it may go then .
  7. G J on some eyes nice .ice might hang in there for another two weeks:eek:
  8. Fisheye74 It sounds as you have a sound set up.so I would advise to go just a bit up the coast and launch out of case vile at this time of the season.watch the weather an choose your day .go out to 28-38 'f.o.w. or around oak point and sleeper state park. The Wally's are moving a bit deeper now.next port would be pt Austin.
  9. Good job , Frank an crew.we were also out there but in was ruff 4' an 5' waves .we got 6 in about three hours over 29' to 45' fow ,inlines 55 to 65 back 1.3 an hot pink harness.about a hour boat ride back in.we were north a bit ,and seen one of the tall ships come sailing in. and the big tug boat towing a barge . A little bit more wind then predicted.good job you guys for tufting it out.nice catch.
  10. 6-21-13 FRIST DAY OF SUMMER Really can’t complain about the first day of summer. A while after sunrise about 7:ish we headed out to yesterdays spot and set up over 30’ @1.3 dropping down two oz inlines back 55’ on harnesses .took four quick ones returning two as they were shorty’s after several hours of slow picking away a few little sheep we took a explore run to several other spots then settling in on a area another friend tipped us to a spot might pull a few from .on that note we run over to test it .after picking one up here an there it was working for us so we just keep pecking away ,we were about done for the day and said lets call it 20 mins do another run then it happen a two doubles and a triple hook up .done with fishing at 1:15 so there wasn’t anything fast just steady. All from harness chartreuse ,pink ,anti freeze .can’t give location but it in 30’ of water. There’s a tournament tomorrow I guess.TURBOTWIST
  11. I"m sure you"ll give em what they want.good job Frank.happy season.
  12. GJ Jason ,nice start for the season.and Scott.
  13. A DAY FOR STEELE Port Sanilac started out of port just a shade under 9:00am hardy any boats insight I knew it would be a tuff task to put salmon in the boat over here. but been wanting to give it a try. ran out to what seem like less than two miles an had a few marks though we set up riggers send them down from 15-40 ft range over about 60 ft water .water temp was 40.9 burrrr very little wave small chop on the lake .tried blues chartruses yellow bunch of spoons .even a hooche and fly.then got the lead out .went 2 color and 3 color back with a stinger in orange crush. Frist steely was a nice three pounder came right in, next came after awhile seem long just after I bumped the speed to 3.1 nice 6 lbs. later another flying Steele made its way almost to dinner then changed it mine .ended up 2 for 3 nice day ,but cold .on the way back in at 35ft the temp was 43 degrees an we marked several fish .looks like we ran past them on the way out ,darn missed that on the way out .very nice shake down run anyway. and a new look on Turboship this season, good fishing.I was impressed with the nice fish cleanning station at the dnr luanch,very nice and I will start comeing back way more now.why in the world don't port austin get there act together and have one ? again it will be nice to have somewhere semi close to run for big lake fishing again.sweet. TURBO
  14. Thanks for shareing that was awsome.makes me feel all warm.
  15. I do when I get around to it.its alway a big trip to get out aways .I've caugth them in a little closer sometimes at nine ft .always earlier after frezze up mid january when ice permits.then after that its always the big haul way out.I started to just drive around take the extra time go out at linwood 3miles get to 18' and limit out in half a day.I seen the reports of break thurs .glad they were all ok.I'm just scared anymore.have'nt been out yet. usally the east is the safe side.by the way Hello ,my name is Tom from caro.
  16. Good job on the perch guys ,I've been over three times out of augres and have got about forty in three trips so they were a little shy on the days I was over.but you got to keep trying cause I know it will happen.
  17. THANKS for the come backs ,a usefull list of ideas for sure. TOM
  18. HOW WOULD YOU RUN A DEEPWATER WALLEYE PROGRAM? There are as many ways to run deep as there are shoe sizes. But if you were to K.I.S.S. a program set for just wally what best ideas would you apply? Let’s say six rod set -up .best ideas? Just food for though.
  19. good job Frank you sure are schooling everyone on them. thanks for the reports.
  20. Great job Frank glad to know ,fish are still active around there. Tom
  21. Good job again Frank we were out there near by mon.heard you on the radio.I was with friend in his boat SIDEWINDER.we ended with four and a few throw backs.should have give ya a call.again good job. TOM
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