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Saginaw Bay Walleye 7-29; 7-30-2014

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I had the extreme pleasure of fishing with 3 very capable fishermen, Ralph S; Bob M; and Buster P. The weather forecast called for Saginaw Bay waves 2' or less. It must have been one of the two footers that washed the top of my cooler that was on the swim platform.:no: After a while it did lay down to the forecast of 2' or less. We trolled up hill and down hill in two different locations for a long enjoyable day on the Saginaw Bay. 8-30 FOW. 1.5 to 2 MPH pulling meat off BB. It was too slow for us and the bay gave up a little over a half a limit for or efforts. The GR area boys left with a their limit and the Gracious Ralph S just took home one for his dinner that night. My limit always fills last so I got the skunk.:cray:


We set up in a nice 1-1/2' chop and it didn't take long to get the skunk out of the box. We didn't go shallow on Wed. I was joined by Bob M, Karl M, and Buster P. Another slow but enjoyable day on the Saginaw Bay. We reeled in 21 keeper walleye and 7 bonus perch. We did get a critical piece of information from Doug (Slap shot) that helped us finish up. Good colors were Chrome, Red, Hammered copper, Antifreeze and some glows. Speeds were 1.5 to 2 MPH. The bite was very light and almost unnoticeable. You had to be on your game or they would easily be missed. A lot of fish would just let go while reeling them in. We also dealt with a lot of floating weeds a result of the storms and high winds. We got to meet Doug, Billy, and Ryan at the launch. We swapped a little information and a few snacks. We also got to chat with Capt. Mike V for a short time.

Now remember that I mentioned above about my limit filling last. The other rule I have is I keep the perch.:lol: I do let a few of the perch go home with other but not too many.:no: The 7 perch yielded 1#10oz of skinned filets. The perch completely covered the bottom of the kitchen sink bowl. I didn't want to go in any perch waters Tue because I would have had to wrestle with Ralph for them.:lol: Ya just have to love what the Saginaw Bay provides. It's not only the great eats but the good times and memories that we keep forever. The fire drills, the snacks, the BS, and the jokes, all make for a great fishing trips.





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Thank you a ton Frank!!! Had a great time on your boat!! Tight lines!!!

Always a great time with Frank...Nice meeting you and Bob buster. Might have to look you up if I can get a couple trips west this August.

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