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Dipsey/Spoon Leader Length

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Just switch over to slide divers. You can have as long of a lead as you want, and still be very short to net. No hand lining.

They also have a new kit out this year that turns you normal slide diver into a magnum. \

X2 I've run slide diver since they came out and love that I can run any length lead I want and not handline fish in when running meat rigs or paddle flies.

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I have a long net and nerves of steel so I usually run 12-15 foot leaders on dipsys. A little shorter for flies/meat rigs.

I have lost a few fish to it though.

I am going the longer lead route this year. I have a 19' Crestliner, so not a ton of room, but I can walk the rod up to the bow to reduce the amount of hand lining I need to do. My dipsy production was way down last year and I need to do something different. Always ran 8' leads in the past

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I fish lake erie and use the lite bite slide divers. but I don't use the slide part of the diver but love the lite bite trigger. i do use a swivel on the end of my main line and hook it to the front of the diver just like a dipsy. then i tie a short piece of 65# braid to a split ring and lace it through the back of the diver then tie on my snubber then i use about a 9' seaguar leader then tie on another swivel and hook it to my lure. i use the same set up for spoons and harnesses. i have just never seen the need for leaders longer than 9'. but i only fish for walleyes and catch a few steelhead trout.

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