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Youth Lifetime Sportsmen License

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Today's fishing & hunting survival depends on our youth's envolvement at an early age.Here in Erie & Chautauqua County, New York State we have taken a step to try to get more Youth envolvement.Besides Youth Fishing Clinics where we give away free fishing rods and hold learning clinics we have gone a step further.Thru the Ferderation of Sportsmens Clubs of Erie & Chautauqua County each have started a Youth Lifetime Sportsmen License Program.Each county sells raffle tickets with a riffle and 3 fishing charters to raise funds,those funds are used to purchase Lifetime NY State Sportsmen Licenses for as many kids that funds raised can allow.Each county raises over $5000 each year with this program and purchases 8 to 10 Sportsmens Licenses for kids up to 15 years old.The kids signup at County Fair's,fishing clubs and fishing tackle stores and are asigned a number,those numbers are put into a bingo drum and drawn randomly.Then each winning kid & parents are invited to the County Federation Awards Banquet where we have the County Execative award them their Lifetime Sportsmen License,fishing hats and other items etc..

I challenge other Counties in NY State and othe States to start this same program,I'm an email away from info on how to get it started.

Capt. Larry D. Jones

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When you start a Youth Lifetime Sportsmen License program in your area you will find how easy it is to get businesses and local government official's to buy into it!Only takes a small number of sponcers for small dollars to cover printing costs to make signup forms and raffle tickets.We used a rifle and 3 fishing charters on a $5 ticket to raise $5000.00.Having a great Federation of Sportsmens Clubs that spread the rifle cost between all member clubs and the Eastern Lake Erie Charter Boat Assoc. members donated the fishing charters,the whole $5000 from sales went toward purchasing Youth Lifetime Sportsmen Licenses.

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