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Question for Cannon Pros

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Brian Im not a pro at cannons but here is what I found out.

Mag 10Hs

Cannon Magnum 10 Downrigger

Long known as the workhorse of the Great Lakes, the rugged Magnum 10 has a strong, compact electric motor that is so dependable, it's guaranteed for life.

Combined with Cannon's clutch/brake control, it provides a smooth descent of the weight. The 3-digit counter tells you when you've reached the desired depth. It also makes quick work of raising the weight, so you can get it up and out of the way fast. For fishermen who head for big lakes, the Magnum 10 delivers a dependable day's work, day in and day out.

• Positive Ion Control creates fish-attracting electric field around your boat

• Strong, compact low-amp-draw motor is guaranteed for life

• Heavy-duty telescopic boom

• Ball storage hook prevents weight damage to boat

• Short-Stop stops weight safely and automatically at water level

• Positive-locking rod holder (recommended maximum: 30-lb. test line)

• 200 ft./150-lb. test stainless steel cable

• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Mag 5Hs

Additional Info

• Buyer's Guide

By integrating the results of constant research and development into its designs, Cannon remains a leader in downrigger technology. From major developments such as Short-Stop, ion field regulation, and compatibility with other popular electronic systems to simple, yet important, innovations such as a ball storage hook, fast retrieval and the use of corrosion-resistant components, Cannon demonstrates its commitment to designs based on input from those who know and use downriggers. The result is high-quality, state-of-the-art depth-control systems with convenient features and intuitive operation that will be appreciated by all who use them. The Mag 5 HS boasts 250-ft.-per-minute retrieval and is the fastest on the market. 20-lb. weight capacity. Short-Stop feature automatically stops weight at waterline to prevent swinging. 24" heavy-duty boom. Fixed positive ion control. New IP68 waterproof power connector. Ball storage hook prevents boat damage. Rod holder and line release included. Pre-spooled with 250-ft. stainless steel 150-lb.-test cable. Resists corrosive saltwater environments.



With Swivel

With QuickDraw rod holder

With Swivel and QuickDraw


250-ft.-per-minute retrieval – fastest on the market

20-lb. weight capacity

Short-Stop feature stops weight at waterline

24" heavy-duty boom

Fixed positive ion control

New IP68 waterproof power connector


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I am a Cannon Pro Staff member who uses the Digi-Troll IV and I am not yet familiar with these new units for this year. But, I believe the differences are that the Mag 10 HS has the 24" to 53" boom and the Mag 5 HS only has the 24" boom. The Mag 10 HS also has 400 feet of cable, while the Mag 5 HS only has 250 feet of pre-rigged cable. Also, the Mag 5 HS does not come with a swivel base, but I THINK the Mag 10 HS does. Other than that, I do not yet know of any other differences. If you want, I can call the Cannon people and find out for you. Let me know!

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