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Headed north for the opener for waterfoul wich I have not done in over 6 years. Use to hunt ducks more than I fished so took the dog who is 10 years old and headed out. Had a limit of woodys in 10 min sat morning


Just a note. I put a neopren vest on my dog and it got hung up on a stump in a bogg while retriveing a duck sat afternoon. dog almost drowned and I had to swim out and rescue him. was not thinking about what was on me so I lost my phone and my video camra to the water as they were submerged when my wadders filled up as the dog was way out over my head. But on a good note He never dropped the duck. got him unstuck and he brought it back. we called it an afternoon when that was over. Good numbers of woodys and geese up north. no Mallards that I saw anywhere i was hunting.

I will never put a vest on a dog again. had he not had the vest he would have swam right through it.


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Skipped my first northern opener in 21 years. At the last minute the crew came over and we threw the gear in the boat. They got the pleasure of sitting through a hell of a storm at hours, which rehydrated the dried Salmon slime on the carpet. Ended up with a couple mallards and a couple misses. No local geese on the deck willing to play just migrants.

Nice job getting it done with the old dog.

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